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There are alot of websites out there that review and sell general family games. This blog is intended to provide reviews of adult board games with an emphasis on analysing their design and playability. We will also look at ways to design your own adults games, improve games you’ve purchased and transform classic board games into your own custom erotic games for couples or party play.

With current computer and printer technology, it’s easy to create and print out new board game design elements for your creative ideas. You can even adapt boards and pieces from other games you no longer play and reuse them for your own games. We will be investigating techniques for prototyping your game designs and even ways to get your game designs manufactured or sold as electronic downloads. 

Board based bedroom games, foreplay games, relationship games and erotic party games will all be investigated. Sexy ideas for spicing up these games will also be provided. We will even detail example designs based on transforming classic board games into sexy new variations.

With the introduction of the iPad, there is a great opportunity for using it to create computer board games so we will also investigate some game design software for it as well. The size of the iPad makes it perfect for use by couples in the bedroom.

We hope you enjoy designing, creating and playing adult games. Even if you decide to just buy your games (hopefully from our site) you’re sure to find creative ways to enhance or customize your purchased games to suit the type of play you desire.

Overview of Suck! Me: A Sexy Vampire Lovers Adult Board Game for Couples

Here is a video with more information about the Suck! Me sex game app for the iPad. This sexy vampire themed couples game is a great way to spice up your love life with hot new foreplay ideas. It’s a fun and easy game to play that includes lots of licking and sucking. It’s designed to play as a strip game with erotic roleplaying and sexual vampire fantasies combined. It comes with it’s own sex dice built in to add extra sensual teasing throughout the game.

In this sexy vampire love game, players see if they’re going to enjoy vampire style oral sex or vampire slaying intercourse as the reward. The winner decides how they both come together. The foreplay ideas encourage couples to use their sex toys and man stake together as vampire slaying implements.

Here is the script used for the video:

In this video you’ll discover an amazing new oral sex game to play with the person you love. It’s called Suck Me and it’s available on the iPad.

Suck! Me is a vampire themed foreplay game for two players. In this game, you pretend to be seductive vampires, sensual victims and horny hunters. However, instead of sucking blood, these sexy vampires feed on the oral orgasms of their prey.

The hungry vampires are always seeking fresh flesh to lick and suck on. But the vampire hunters are out to slay their oral lust. The head hunters are purity protectors with a stake in preserving the pleasures of penetration.

It’s a sexy struggle to see if the winner gets to say Suck Me or Fuck Me.

To become the top vampire or head hunter, you must gain sucking and staking skills by performing erotic challenges and activities as you chase each other around the board. There’ll be some spicy BDSM role-play with lots of sensual foreplay to get your blood flowing.

So prepare your vibrators, dildos and man stake. Apply your holy lube and get ready to come face to face with a seductive night creature.

The Suck! Me Game uses a fairly simple board layout. The corners are labelled Castle, Tomb, Dungeon and Church. These are special locations referenced in the activity cards.

There are also fang and heart icons located on select squares around the board. Landing on these open the Vampire and Hunter activity cards. The cards give various types of themed foreplay challenges. Performing the activities gives you skill rewards measured by the Master and Mistress blood levels. You win the game by getting blood to the heart or fangs first.

There are two dice located under the fiery eyes. The dice have faces with movement numbers, game bonus items and foreplay words. They double as sex dice if action/target words come up on both. They work by tapping to start the roll and tapping again to stop.

As you move around the board, you take ownership of blank locations and try to lock each side. Trespassers will then give you a blood bonus.

If you capture the other player by landing on them, you get to choose whether you’re a vampire or hunter and which blood bonus you want. They then get sent to either the Castle or Dungeon.

Suck! Me can be played in Quick or Full mode. In a quick game, the first player to fill one of their blood meters wins. In a full game, the first player to fill both meters wins. If a player wins a quick game, there is an option on the final screen to keep playing.

The meter that gets filled to win the game determines your reward. If the heart meter is filled, the hunters win and you both enjoy good old fashioned intercourse to put the vampire to rest. The winning player chooses the style of penetration.

If the fang meter is filled, the vampire in you wins. You then convert your prey into a vampire by allowing them to perform oral sex on you to orgasm.

Discover if the Master or Mistress rules in your bedroom tonight.

For full rules and other details, visit Suck! Me Game Overview

Download the Suck! Me oral sex game for couples today! Just click Get the Suck! Me Vampire Sex Game for iPad.

Stimulate your passions and get your blood flowing red hot as you unleash the sexy beast inside you. Make your pulses pound as you hunt your prey and each other around the Castle, Church, Tomb and Dungeon. Add a touch of erotic horror to your adult play. Become the seductive vampire Master or sexy vampiress Queen and rule your bedroom tonight.

Foreplay Ideas for Sexy and Romantic Games for Couples

Here is a video with 69 foreplay ideas that you can use to make your own sexy bedroom games. Spice up your regular games with a few sensual activities and create your own naughty rules to make your adult play even more fun.

This video was created to help promote the new book my wife and I recently published on Amazon. Click Sex Games & Foreplay Ideas for Couples to order the book. It’s packed full of creative sex and foreplay ideas organized to mix in with any game you like to play. The book also includes lot’s of sex game ideas based on regular games to show you how you can create your own erotic games for couples from any game you enjoy playing. Discover how fun it can be to play naughty together especially when you make up your own rules to play dirty with.

Note that the book also includes the full rules and activity lists for the Frisky Foreplay erotic dice game. It’s available on Kindle as well but I recommend getting the physical book.

See the blog post with the full list of ideas at 69 Foreplay Ideas to Make Your Own Bedroom Games for Couples.

Frisky Boggle Erotic Word Game for Couples

Rather than limiting your design to adult board games, take any opportunity to adapt the rules of regular games and transform them into erotic variations. For instance, although Boggle is considered a nice clean family game, dirty minded couples are bound to find some naughty words scrambled among the lettered cubes. It’s easy to imagine this as the start of some frisky fun. But how do you adjust the rules to include sexy activities and fun foreplay?

Frisky Erotic Word Game for Couples

I originally designed a version of Boggle Foreplay for our Sexy Suggestions website. There is also an online scoring form with randomly generated foreplay ideas to perform at specific point levels. However, I wanted a new version that didn’t require much up front thinking or preparation. Also, I figured the new rules should follow the original game play as much as possible so that couples could switch to the erotic version quickly.

Since the game design would provide blog and marketing content, I also wanted to tie in the Frisky Foreplay ideas lists as an option for couples who had or wanted to buy the game. And of course, once the Dirty Boggle blog post was completed, a YouTube video to promote it was next on the list.

Try coming up with your own erotic twist for Boggle and then take a look at the video below.

Here is the script for the video:

In this video, you’ll discover a way to transform Boggle into a wild sex game for couples. This hot word game will have you thinking, talking and playing dirty to win. It combines erotic talk, stripping and lots of creative foreplay. All you need is a Boggle game and a dirty mind to start a night of naughty fun. You’ll arouse both your mind and body.

Start by agreeing on the sexual forfeits you’ll be playing for. This will help build erotic tension during the game.

Your objective is to find exciting words to express love, desire and lust for your partner. At the end of each round, earn bonus points by using one of your words in a sexual context. Ah … but you don’t just talk dirty, you need to play dirty too. When you find the right words, act out your sensual ideas together as foreplay. And they don’t have to all be dirty words either. You just need to use them in a dirty way.

Here are the sexy new rules in a bit more detail.

  • First player to 120 points wins. Score the same as in the standard rules but include bonus points for performing various erotic activities.
  • Secretly write down all words you find even regular words. You can score for both and, when it comes right down to it, you’ll be surprised how they can be used in a dirty way. Exclude all words that you both found in your individual lists.
  • All dirty words are allowed even if they are rude, crude and nasty. Slang terms for body parts, erogenous zones and sexual activities are acceptable.
  • When either of you score with a word that can be used in a sensual or sexual context, gain double points by using it in a descriptive, verbal request of your lover. They then need to perform it with or for you immediately. Only one request per player per turn.
  • If you can’t think of a foreplay idea using one of your words, your partner has the option to “steal” a word from your list. If they come up with a sexy activity for you to perform, you lose the points for that word. They don’t get extra points though – just more pleasure.
  • You can decline any activity if you’re not ready for it yet but your partner gets an extra 5 bonus points.

Note that only interesting words should be used to express sexually creative desires. Avoid using words that have no special meaning or that can be used in almost any sentence. Also, try to talk as seductively as you can while being very detailed and specific with your erotic desires. Instead of “do something to my toes”, try “remove your nylons and let me sensually lick and suck each of your toes”. You get to include a stripping action and foreplay in the same turn.

I hope you enjoy Thinking, Talking and Playing Dirty together with the one you love.

Visit FriskyForeplay.com/dirtyboggle for more details and optional rules to make the game even hotter.

Please leave a comment and subscribe for more bedroom game ideas.

Images for the video were taken with a Canon EOS 60D camera and edited in Pixelmator. The voice over was done using Audacity. The video presentation was done in Keynote and then edited in iMovie.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the game design and the video.

Frisky Vibrator Ideas for Couples Games

When designing adult games, you’ll want a large number of unique foreplay ideas to include. One creativity technique is to pick an erotic topic or a pleasure item and then brainstorm as many ideas as possible related to it. You’ll want to try for a minimum of 10 and then push toward 20, 30 or more. The first few will be relatively easy but are generally more obvious as well. Your really creative ideas come near the end of the process when you struggle with new ways of thinking.

As an example, to help market our Kinky Sex and Foreplay Ideas for Couples Game, I wanted to write a blog post with some creative sex tips and ideas. Since I recently read an article suggesting that many women hide their vibrators from their lovers, I challenged myself to come up with as many ways as I could for couples to use a vibrator together as foreplay. Why hide them from each other when they could easily be playing with them together. I even posed a sexy game couples could play that involved coming up with their own creative foreplay ideas using a vibrator.

The blog post is Frisky Vibrations: Foreplay Ideas for Couples With a Vibrator. It has over 30 different types of pleasure activities that couples can explore together using a vibrator. See if you can come up with any new ones.

And, what better way to promote the article and the game then a video on YouTube. So I wrote a quick script (included below), took some pictures of a few items on hand and whipped up a Keynote presentation. I recorded and cleaned up the voice over using Audacity. Final touches were done in iMovie. The script was intended to follow the Hook, Path and Persuasion format from the Video Boss course I took. However, I have also been reading Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff so decided to try out an Intrigue Frame technique as well. The video provides a light hearted look at how many couples view sex toys in their relationship.

Frisky Vibrations – Dilemma of a Dirty Girl and Her Sex Toy

Here is the script for the video:

She thought her vibrator was safe … hidden away in her underwear drawer.

No one would ever know her guilty secret pleasure … the ecstasy of masturbating with her battery powered sex toy.

She suspected something as soon as she got home. No wonder he looked so moody and mysterious. And then, when she went up to their bedroom, he stormed out to the garage to be alone with his tools.

How did he find it? Why did he look in there? It was buried under her panties. Guys don’t touch those girly things unless they’re trying to get into them right? But there it was tossed on her pillow in plain sight.

It was a gag gift but the thrilling sensations it created were amazing. Just seeing it made her clit throb with desire. But her mind swirled with conflicting emotions.

Was he pissed off that she pleasured herself alone? What was he thinking? That he wasn’t good enough in bed for her? Was she faking her orgasms with him because she needed a vibrator to get off? And those times when she wasn’t in the mood for sex was it because she already did it herself without him? Why would she need a sex toy when she had the real thing?

Oh, of course she loved the real thing too. Intercourse was great and oral sex was heavenly. But her vibrator was magical – even better than her own fingers.

Panicking, feelings of fear, guilt and shame tried to wash over her joyful memories of forbidden pleasure.

Something had to go … her vibrator induced orgasms or her man. But she wanted and needed both!

Was their relationship over? Could he forgive her?

What the hell was he doing in there anyway?

A kinky thought crossed her mind … was he secretly trying on her panties? What else could he be doing with her silky underwear while she was away? She rushed to opened her underwear drawer and discovered ….

A brand new sleek, sensual vibrator tied with a ribbon and a note … let’s play together tonight.

Visit FriskyForeplay.com/vibratorideas to discover more than 30 ways couples can play together with a vibrator. When you’re playing together tonight, challenge each other to come up with your own frisky foreplay ideas using a vibrator. If you can think of any more naughty ways to play, please leave a comment and share it with other couples so we can all have more fun and enjoy more pleasure together.

Make Your Own Sexy Foreplay Dice to Spice Up Your Lovemaking

Still learning the Video Boss course material. Here is another video created to help drive traffic and interest in erotic dice games for couples interested in spicing up their lovemaking.

For more details visit the blog post Make Your Own Frisky Foreplay Dice to Spice Up Your Lovemaking – it includes the link to get the erotic dice template. The dirty dice template is an editable PDF that can be filled in and printed. It was based on our unique Frisky Foreplay and Kinky Sex Ideas game product that uses 3 dice combinations for a total of 216 combinations.

Here is the transcript for the video:

In this video you’ll discover a fun way to spice up your sex play using two regular dice. Add variety to your lovemaking by creating your own foreplay games.

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of dirty dice in adult stores. You may even have some of your own. Love dice are simple and fun to play with. But they can be kind of pricy especially if you want a variety of sexy dice to keep things interesting. So why not make your own? All you need is a few dice and a sheet of paper.

When you use two different coloured dice, you get 36 possible combinations. Just write these out as a list on a sheet of paper – 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 all the way to 6/4, 6/5 and finally 6/6. Now beside each combination, write out a detailed foreplay activity. Since you’re not writing on the dice, you can go beyond simple one or two word actions like most other sex dice. You’re free to include a full range of explicit foreplay techniques.

Include some exotic foreplay ideas you would secretly love to try. Design the list so you have a complete menu of sensual treats to enjoy. You can even create separate his and her versions. Make them together or surprise each other with your own erotic desires.

By creating your own sexy dice game, you can make it as wild and kinky as you want. You can even make multiple variations to suit any type of situation. Your frisky foreplay idea sheets can even be used with other regular dice games like Monopoly or Risk. Make up your own spicy rules with your partner – it’s all part of the fun.

For more frisky foreplay dice ideas, visit our website. Look for the link to our erotic dice template. It’s a PDF download that you can fill in and print. Keep a spare list handy to jot down new foreplay or sex ideas that you come across in books, magazines or websites. Then use dice to randomly select new pleasure possibilities to enjoy with your partner.

Great sex is important to your relationship. Have fun with it.

Please leave a comment with some of your sexy dice game ideas.

Frisky Foreplay Wild Lovemaking Games for Couples Video

I recently purchased the Video Boss course for creating sales videos. Here is the first one I created to help market my Frisky Foreplay and Fooling Around games.

Get the Frisky Foreplay Sex Game Today

Here is the transcript for the video:

If you enjoy the thrill of hot passionate sex, the thought of a boring, sexless marriage can be scary. The stats for most couples are frightening. But what can you do about it?

You know great sex is important to you and your relationship. Routine, predictable sex is alright sometimes but you want and deserve more. In this video, you’ll discover how to easily get your lover to become more adventurous, creative and passionate in and out of bed.

You already know the internet is full of all kinds of foreplay tips and techniques. There are thousands of relationship enhancement books with exotic sex positions and erotic ideas for couples. But these just increase your desire and makes it even more frustrating when you can’t entice your partner to try them with you. Your lover may be content with their standard moves that seem to work but you know it’s not enough.

You’d think that talking about new sex ideas would get easier as your relationship grows. Curiously, the more comfortable you get in your relationship, the harder it becomes to risk change. With a fear of rejection, couples avoid revealing their secret sexual fantasies to each other. They don’t want their partner thinking the sex they desire is kinky, dirty or nasty. So they end up waiting for the perfect opportunity when the mood feels just right to slip it in. But it never seems to happen does it?. And then, without realizing it, they’re both desperately craving wild new erotic experiences while their sexual urges are left silently unsatisfied.

But imagine if you had a fun way to introduce hot new ideas into your lovemaking without having to ask for it. A way to build sexual tension as you eagerly anticipate each new sensual surprise. There are so many pleasure possibilities and combinations available to experiment with that sex never has to be the same twice. What you need is a random way of selecting them so you never know what to expect next. By letting go of choosing what to do, you gain more freedom to play together. And if an idea comes up that you’re not ready for yet, you creatively adjust it to suit your mood.

That’s where our Frisky Foreplay game comes into play. It’s an erotic dice game designed to mix up hundreds of unique foreplay ideas and lead you through a sequence of stimulating sensations. To prolong and increase your pleasure, foreplay activities start off warm and loving then intensify toward a wild, explosive climax.

It encourages you to inflame your lover’s passion with deliciously intimate kisses and caresses. As you play the game, you’ll tease and tantalize each other with fingers, toes, toys and other playful accessories to build even more erotic heat. Remember, extended pleasuring is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasms.

Frisky Foreplay is not like other sex games designed for new couples just getting to know each other. It goes beyond the same old tame activities found in more expensive relationship games. And it doesn’t involve asking questions about each other to discover things that you’ve know for years. It’s about playing with each other in ways that make sex wild, exciting and fun again. You’re never too old to be playing adult games as long as you’re young at heart and in the mood for amazing sex.

No matter where in the world you are, if you’re seeing this video, you can get Frisky Foreplay from our website at the link below. Just click on one of the order buttons and use PayPal or a credit card to get immediate access. Download links for the files will be displayed on the thank you page. You’ll also get a link to download the bonus Fooling Around game. Frisky Foreplay comes with an 8 week, 100% risk free, money back guarantee. The PDF files can be printed or viewed on any computer or even your iPad. There are no delays waiting for physical products to be shipped. You will need your own lucky dice but you most likely have many of these already.

Just click on the add to cart button, enter your payment details and download Frisky Foreplay so you can start playing right away (day or night). Challenge your lover to a hot foreplay game and dare each other to make sex even more fun.

When you’re playing a competitive game to win, even timid lovers can be encouraged to push their boundaries and overcome their sexual inhibitions. Try Frisky Foreplay today and get inspired to do something naughty, new and exciting in your bedroom tonight. Put the thrill and passion back into your sex life. Be adventurous, explore new erotic territory and escape from your sexual comfort zone before it’s too late. Keep your loving relationship fun and your sex life happy and healthy.

Why not get frisky right now.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Any comments (and purchases) would be much appreciated.

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