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Oral Sex!- Adult Board Game

The Oral Sex! board game is a simple yet effective design that is easy and fun to play. The goal of course is a race to the finish with the winner receiving fellatio or cunnilingus. Ah but there is more to oral pleasuring than just sucking and licking each other’s genitals. This foreplay game encourages you to explore using your mouth, lips and tongue to stimulate other erogenous zones.

As you move around the lip shaped board, you’ll enjoy different types of foreplay surprises on your journey to oral ecstasy.

Although it may appear a little corny, Oral Sex! is A Tasty Sex Game Every Couple Should Play!.

The game provides two small bottles of lube to be used as tokens and for various foreplay activities. You may not enjoy the taste of the lube. I’d recommend using your own tokens and purchasing some good quality flavoured oils to use instead.

If you like to make your own adult board games, this one appears to be a fairly simple one to clone and customize with your own oral foreplay activities. And of course, other shapes (penis, vulva, breasts, dildos, etc.) could be adapted in a similar way. How about a full body image with location specific foreplay ideas. As you move around, certain game play events send you to different erogenous zones where you earn arousal points. I’ll leave the rest of the design to your imagination for now.

Visit Adam & Eve to see other adult board games and sex toys that you can order online. You can get their free adult product catalog here.

Adult Board Game Design Based on Sorry!

As mentioned in my previous post, there is a Sorry! clone called My Apologies available with the EveryGame app for the iPad. My thought for a fun initial adult board game design was to adapt my foreplay variation of the classic game to run with the app. The erotic version Sexy Sorry was based on couples playing with the standard board and applying only slight rule modifications to make it into a sex game. It had to use the original components with no modifications. But these limitations can be eliminated using the iPad app:

  • you can create a large variety of cards with intimate activities included if desired
  • you can add extra sets of cards with detailed foreplay ideas or sexy challenges
  • you can spice up the board with extra graphics on the cards, cells or background
  • you can create a new board layout that is more suited to couples play
  • you can add creative new game components/mechanics to enhance it even more

Let’s investigate a few design options and ideas for a new foreplay game. For the following discussion, I will assume you already know the rules and general game play elements of the classic game.

Subsequent posts will provide more implementation details and sample files once the design is worked out.

Theme Concept

The basic game is designed around a race to the finish objective while attempting to stop or send your opponent back. In a romantic sexual context, finishing fast is usually frowned upon unless you’re having a quickie. And stopping your partner is even worse. But, consider the fact that delaying orgasm while building erotic tension can lead to an even more intense climax. In this context, it would be “okay” to delay your partner. It would be even better if you included something to stimulate their desire and increase their arousal. This is where the various foreplay type activities would come into play.

Also, most couples usually have sex in bed so this would be a natural destination point in the game. To fit with the theme, rather than just getting Home, the players would actually race to get in Bed first. Since this is for couples, you don’t want them going off to their own separate beds either. A slight redesign could have a central bed with both player’s goal path leading to it – from opposite sides of course. “Honey, Come to Bed Quick but Don’t Come Quick” seems like a good basis for a theme.

Foreplay Game Elements

Since we are looking to design an adult board game, we want to include various foreplay activities geared around and supporting the theme. I still like the original idea from the sexy suggestions version:

When you Bump into your lover and send them back to the start, saying Sorry just isn’t enough – apologize with sensual pleasuring.

But there is a little bit of a problem with this. As more of the tokens get to the finish, there are less bumping opportunities at a time when you would expect there should be more pleasuring going on. The end game could become less exciting from an sexual arousal perspective. Here are a few possible solutions:

  • when a player gets a token in bed, they strip off an article of clothing. Most people tend to have about 4 basic items of clothing on so this would fit since there are 4 tokens. And when you get all your tokens in, strip completely naked. This also fits the theme in that players would be stripping to have sex in bed. Stripping is also considered an erotic stimulus – both viewing and doing.
  • include a number of special locations designated with an icon that indicates players are to take a drink, perform a foreplay activity, accept a sexual challenge or answer a question when they land on them. Extra sets of cards could be included in addition to the movement deck to provide random activities. Even if bumping does not occur, there is still a chance of landing on these locations.
  • use the number of tokens in bed to indicate the level of foreplay possibly selected from different decks of cards. There is a maximum of 6 levels (both players have 3 tokens in bed) so 3/6 decks of cards might be needed with at least 10 or more items each. Alternatively, rather than creating huge sets of card images, various foreplay activity sheets in PDF could be used with each successive page/file containing more intense or explicit types of activities. A random method of selecting from within each sheet would be required but it should be the same for each level. Note: Coincidentally, the dice based Frisky Foreplay game comes with 6 levels of foreplay each with 36 unique ideas for both men and women. The activity sheets from this game could be used directly but would require that a red/black dice rolling mechanism be included. Since I want to provide this as a free game download, I will not put in a reference to this product initially.

There should also be some form of sex oriented reward for winning the game. This could be specified by the players at the start or provided in idea cards selected throughout the game.

Board Design & Layout

If you take a look at the My Apologies game on EveryGame, you’ll notice there is very little screen real-estate to add extra decks of cards. To make room for more, the movement cards could be replaced with two dice. One with numbers 1-12 and an icon for special moves. The other die would have various symbols corresponding to forward, backward, split, switch, etc. You could even add options not in the classic game. For instance, a symbol could mean kiss each other instead of moving.

Even if the movement cards are retained, the redesign of the board for just two players might make room for one or two decks of foreplay/sexplay cards. Possibly a male and female version so that the foreplay activities don’t need to be overly generalized into gender neutral descriptions. The cards could also be easily swapped out for lesbian and gay versions too.

Game Terminology

Rather than men or pieces, it would be preferable to incorporate the theme around the tokens too. For instance, they could represent head, body, arms and legs. Or, they could represent the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual components of our personality that make us all unique as lovers.

Also, the term Bump somewhat fits with the theme but it could be renamed Tease even though players are tempting each other WITH the intention of satisfying the desire. (not a strict usage according to the definition of being a tease)

Closing Thoughts

Since there is stripping and teasing as main elements of the game play and theme, Strip & Tease might be a good name for this adult board game design. Come to Bed Quick could be a sub title. Now to create some design files for the game and flush out some of the ideas. This will be a good opportunity to test out the features of EveryGame and figure out the implementation details.

Hump! Sex Education Game for Couples

This hot little adult board game has 104 Ask Her and Ask Him cards that cover every sexual interest and desire under the sun. It’s a fun way to find out what really turns your partner on! See who gets to hump first! Includes board, die, tin game box.

Improve your sexual satisfaction with a game of erotic education where you learn more about each other. Ask each other intimate questions and share revealing answers – improve your communication about sex. It’s great for new romantic partners who are just getting to know each other better. Even if you are in a long term relationship, you’re sure to find new ideas to help spice up your sex life.

Quickly Discover What Turns Your Lover On!

As you can see from the image, the game board is fairly simple in design. The question cards provide the foundation of the game which does lead to it’s main draw back. For new couples, it’s a great way to learn about each other. Even if you’ve been together for a while, there is probably something new you can still learn. The game does stimulate some good communication about sex. However, after playing a few times, you’ll learn the answers and hopefully remember them.

Although it has reduced re-playability, this is a good adult board game for the price. You can also use the cards with other erotic games you design for yourself. And, of course, you can also design your own custom questions and print them on business cards to spice it up even more. You can challenge your partner to come up with a set of 20-30 question cards to combine with your own. Add in some leading questions that hint at your own sexual desires, fantasies or fetishes.

There are a variety of adult games from Adam & Eve that you can order online. Browse through all their available sex and foreplay games to find one or more that suit your desires. Get your free adult product catalog here. Spend some time together with your partner to browse all the products – there’s something here for everyone. Even if you’ve never played sex games before, you’re sure to find something interesting to enhance your bedroom fun.

Adult Computer Board Games Using EveryGame

While searching the internet for board game design software, I came across an iPad application called EveryGame. This app is like a game engine designed so you can create your own games to run within it. In a nutshell, you make a number of image files for the board and other components like cards and tokens, an XML configuration file defining movement and placement details and a PDF file for the instructions. The app manages the display and component interaction without getting cluttered by having you program an AI layer. Players keep track of the rules and actual game play. It looks perfect for making your own adult board game designs.

Although I was contemplating the purchase of an iPad to do some game development, the EveryGame app made my decision to buy one much easier. It allows you to focus more on the game design. Rather than writing custom software for each new game, you can concentrate on the theme, mechanics and artwork. Even if you do want to program your game or make a physical product eventually, the app allows you to prototype, test and tweak the game very quickly. Fast design and test iterations are essential for making a great game. There are a few tools you will need including an iPad and the app of course:

  • XML is just a plain text file so you can used Notepad on the PC or TextEdit on the Mac (plain text mode). Other specialized XML editors are available – some built in with software development tools.
  • An image or graphics editor that can export PNG or GIF files (curious JPG is not included). You will need an editor that enables you to specify the coordinates of the design elements in pixels. Even if you create the images using free style drawing, you will need a way to query coordinate locations in pixels. I will be using Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator among others.
  • A word processor that can export to a PDF file is also required to create the rules file. Many of the tools on the Mac can export directly to PDF but you can also get a print driver that renders PDF for applications that don’t. Using MS Word, Pages or even Keynote, you can spiff up the look of your rules and allow embedded images but just a regular text editor can work.

Access to clip art and photos will also be helpful to enhance the aesthetics of your game while complimenting your overall theme. You’ll want to use a digital camera to get your own images especially if you eventually want to sell the game. Various digital art packages are also available to draw your own stylish graphics if desired.

When you think about, the iPad makes a great platform for erotic games in the bedroom. You can play it in low level mood light or even in the dark. And if your game involves performing various foreplay activities during play, there is no risk of messing up the board while fooling around. The game will come back exactly where you left it. Players can get as wild and frisky as they want so you can include lots of different components in your design.

People playing your game can also extend or customize it by adding in their own sex play preferences. You can include extra files to make this easy for them as a feature of your game. And best of all there are no manufacturing or distribution costs. Distribution is as easy as creating a blog post with a downloadable zip file. Check out the Stellar Web Solutions eVendor package if you want to sell your own games using PayPal from your website. It’s specially designed for electronically downloadable products. Or Signup with ClickBank and get a stream of affiliates to help market your game for increased sales.

So what are we waiting for. Let’s get down to creating some adult board game designs. To help you get some ideas, check out the Forfeits Foreplay Games site. It has a list of erotic variations based on some classic games. Since there is a Sorry! clone that comes with EveryGame, I’m thinking of adapting the Sexy Sorry! variation to play on it as well. The existing game can be used as a learning example. I will provide various sample files in future posts as I create them and explain my game concept along the way.

Welcome to Adult Board Game Design

There are alot of websites out there that review and sell general family games. This blog is intended to provide reviews of adult board games with an emphasis on analysing their design and playability. We will also look at ways to design your own adults games, improve games you’ve purchased and transform classic board games into your own custom erotic games for couples or party play.

With current computer and printer technology, it’s easy to create and print out new board game design elements for your creative ideas. You can even adapt boards and pieces from other games you no longer play and reuse them for your own games. We will be investigating techniques for prototyping your game designs and even ways to get your game designs manufactured or sold as electronic downloads. 

Board based bedroom games, foreplay games, relationship games and erotic party games will all be investigated. Sexy ideas for spicing up these games will also be provided. We will even detail example designs based on transforming classic board games into sexy new variations.

With the introduction of the iPad, there is a great opportunity for using it to create computer board games so we will also investigate some game design software for it as well. The size of the iPad makes it perfect for use by couples in the bedroom.

We hope you enjoy designing, creating and playing adult games. Even if you decide to just buy your games (hopefully from our site) you’re sure to find creative ways to enhance or customize your purchased games to suit the type of play you desire.

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