UPDATE: An enhanced version of this erotic game for couples called Suck! Me is now available for iPad. The foreplay game design was updated and reimplemented using Swift. For more details, see the Sexy Vampire Game Overview. Download it today and give yourselves even more reason to lick and suck on each other.

It’s been a long time since my last post on adult board game design. I’ve purchased a few new adults games to review but I really want to get back into a creative development mode. Since it’s Halloween, I figured an erotic board game based on a scary horror theme would be an appropriate challenge. Like the Strip Tease game, I’m thinking it’ll be designed to work with EveryGame on the iPad so it can be downloaded, played and customized if desired. I know I’m a little late to get this game out for Halloween but scary stuff and sex are fun year round.

I’ve always been fascinated by vampires and witches both of which could be the foundation for a great Halloween sex game. I really do like the idea of a sexy witch using her magic powers for wicked pleasure. Vampires though are hypnotically erotic with an alluring power to seduce and control. The ability to lure innocents toward their own deviant and lustful desires also fits well with this erotic game concept.

When designing a board game, I like to have a title in mind to go along with the general theme. It can always be changed of course but it helps to set the initial focus. The title can also help to crystallize some of the design elements and game mechanics. It will even influence the style of erotic play you want to weaved into the game. With a vampire theme, Suck! seems to be a natural title to work with. It conjures up all sorts of sex related ideas.

Although based on a vampire theme, the activities and game elements need to be adapted to sensual sex play. Oral sex will of course be a major focus of the game but any type of foreplay involving the mouth (lips, tongue, teeth, etc.) can be integrated. Sexy vampires will happily kiss, lick and suck any part of your body given the chance. Their thirst for your sexual energy is insatiable and the more aroused you get the more powerful they become.

The role of victim or vampire hunter also needs to be integrated into the game play. To add a bit of competitive challenge and make the game more interesting, there should be some form of struggle between the vampire, it’s prey and/or the hunter. Again, the activities and game elements need to be adapted to foreplay and sex. With a little twist of the imagination, a glass dildo, vibrator or penis could easily be viewed as a “stake”. And of course other foreplay accessories could be endowed with vampire “killing” properties.

I’m sure you can see some interesting possibilities for an erotic game based on a vampire theme. We just need an objective for the game beyond great sex. Why play the game instead of just jumping into bed and having sex? Randomly mixing in various sensual foreplay activities is a given. The game needs to set a mood and emotional context . For me, I think the objective of playing and winning is to somehow determine a type of sexual activity to perform based on what happens in the game. That is, something slightly different from your normal routine and based on choices you make in the game. Considering the title Suck!, the objective could be a choice between different variations of oral sex to orgasm and intercourse.

For instance, if the vampire wins, the winning player performs oral sex on their lover to convert them into a sex slave for the night. If the vampire loses, they are cured with a “man stake” or other similarly shaped object of pleasure. Elements of bondage and even a touch of BDSM might be appropriate in either situation.

So, from a game perspective, the objective should involve either excelling as a vampire, escaping the vampire or successfully hunting them down. It would also be good to have the players identify with the various roles since they will be performing foreplay activities presumably related to the characters. For instance, kissing and licking the back of your partner’s neck to give them shivers would be a vampire like action while smearing holy lube on your lover’s nipples might be the action of a vampire hunter.

Given the objective above, here are a few possible styles of play that could be developed into the board game design:

  • Players select who will be the vampire and who will be the prey or helpless victim. This style of game could even be structured so it is the guy who always plays the role of Dracula or the woman who plays a seductive vampiress or Queen of Darkness. Fixing the roles might make it easier to design the foreplay activities.
  • Both players could take on the role of vampires competing for victims with the best vampire winning the game. Players would temporarily assume the role of victim while the other performs various foreplay activities on them. There could of course be traps, penalties and struggles between the vampires resulting in different types of activities being performed on the vampire.
  • Both players could take on the role of prey in a vampire lair where they must successfully escape or otherwise finish off the vampire. Although not required, a third player could be introduced (alternately controlled by each player unless you have a guest) to play the role of the vampire. Optionally, players could be turned into a vampire and switch roles to change the dynamic into a more intense end game. Foreplay activities could even be based on the current roles with more explicit sex play reserved for the final stage of the game.
  • Players could take on the roles of vampire, prey and hunter. The roles could alternate by turn or be dependent on the situation in the game (board location, level indicator, possessions, etc.). Or you could have different pieces corresponding to each character and moved separately based on player choice or other game event.

There are many other possible variations but this gives a sense of the options available. The board layout and design will influence which style of play will be implemented.

In the next post I’ll discuss the board game design, some appropriate game mechanics, various design elements and some ideas for different foreplay activities related to the theme.