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Developing Suck! A Vampire Themed Adult Board Game Design

UPDATE: An enhanced version of this erotic game for couples called Suck! Me is now available for iPad. The foreplay game design was updated and reimplemented using Swift. For more details, see the Sexy Vampire Game Overview. Download it today and give yourselves even more reason to lick and suck on each other.

Well, it’s been a while since my last post discussing the adult board game design called Suck! I’ve been letting various ideas percolate in my brain for a bit of time while doing other things. Although I still feel a little pressure to get it done quickly, taking a bit of time off from a project is actually a good thing sometimes. By letting your subconscious mull the ideas over, you tend to come up with much more creative results. Of course, there is also the school of thought that suggests you should “strike while the iron is hot” and keep a concentrated focus on your project. Keeping the momentum up is important too – if you rest too long, ramping back up to speed can take a lot of effort. So let’s get back into developing this vampire themed adult board game design.

To start, here is a brief overview of this erotic horror themed foreplay game. Players take on the roles of both vampire and hunter/victim as they chase each other around a board. Along the way, they encounter various situations and foreplay activities that enable them to increase their skill as a vampire or hunter. They may also have the opportunity to reduce their opponent’s skill level. The first player to reach the top of their skill level as either a vampire or hunter wins. Depending upon whether they win as a vampire or hunter, the winner receives a corresponding sexual reward.

Suck! Board Game Design

The game is intended to be fairly simple in design and easy to play. Most of the interesting elements of the game will come from the activity cards. These cards will provide various foreplay ideas combined with flavour text to integrate the erotic horror theme. But the board does provide the context and setting for the game play. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

adult board game design for Suck!

Originally I wanted to have foreplay and game activities written on the squares. To reduce the visual clutter and increase the potential variety of erotic activities, I opted to leave most of the squares blank. The four labelled corners are special in that they are theme related reference points that can be used in a number of ways. The fang and heart symbols are symmetrically spaced around the board and indicate that a corresponding activity card should be selected for play. The blank squares will be rest locations – I figured you don’t need to be performing foreplay activities after every single move.

You’ll notice there are no obvious start or end locations. Essentially, the game is designed as a chase between vampires and the hunters/victims. The board is designed so that the male and female players sit opposite each other with the iPad between them. Since they are trying to catch each other (there is a reason), they also start on opposite sides of the board. The female player starts on the Dungeon and the male starts in the Castle. If you’re captured, you’re sent back to your start location.

Movement will be determined by rolling dice and is normally clockwise unless indicated otherwise by the dice or cards. Since we are not using regular real dice, the number and variety of sides are unlimited. If you are just going for the number of spaces to move, a single die would be sufficient. However, for this game, we can add a bit more variety by including foreplay activities with the numbers. It’s sort of like having sex dice but with numbers too. As in the Strip Tease game, the dice can have an action and a target (lick nipple, kiss neck, etc.) but we can also include movement numbers on each. A simple rule of play would be that if you roll any number, you move that number. If you roll a foreplay activity you do not move but rather perform the pleasuring task. In the event you roll two numbers, you get to choose which of the two to use. This can be very important in a chase scenario. Tweaking the probabilities of obtaining the various possibilities will need to be done as part of play testing to see if this game mechanic works or not.

The chase or hunt for each other is intended to be an important part of the game dynamics. Some kind of reward for catching your opponent is required (level increase and/or opponent level decrease for instance) to encourage this behaviour and stimulate excitement based on it. Also, there needs to be various game play elements designed to support it. For instance, the cards could send players to one of the four corner locations or to the nearest heart/fang symbol as a way to leap ahead or behind the other player. Landing on either of the corner locations could also provide some related benefit or disadvantage. For example, if your opponent is on a corner location, a rule could be that you cannot pass and must stop at the location in front of them. By being blocked, you are in a position to capture them once they move again. But as a benefit for blocking you, you could be required to strip, kiss, take a drink or perform some other activity. These situations would not occur very often so the activity should be appropriate to the frequency – stripping, kissing and drinking combined might work.

Foreplay & Game Activity Cards

The game is designed with two decks of cards each designated by the heart or fang symbol corresponding to the hunter and vampire respectively. These cards are intended to integrate the erotic horror theme and foreplay instructions. They are also intended to add various game play activities such as transporting players to different locations or altering movement in some other way. For instance, a card might send you to the Dungeon combined with a foreplay activity that involves spanking your lover. The cards will also be the primary way for players to increase their vampire/hunter levels or decrease the level of their opponent.

Each game card should have a theme related title and some game play instruction. The instruction could be a foreplay activity, a game play activity, a reward/penalty challenge or a combination of these. Various cards could be designed to give players a choice of two actions. Interesting decisions can make the game more interesting. Creatively combining sex with these choices can definitely make the game interesting. Making choices later in the game that effect either player’s level markers could be crucial to victory even if they have to get nasty, kinky or dirty to win. This can make the game more intense near the climax.

Normally I prefer to include separate male and female foreplay/sexplay activities so that you can be more specific regarding the body parts involved. However, for this game, a gender neutral set of foreplay activities will need to suffice for a few reasons. I want to keep the board layout fairly simple so only two decks of cards will be used and they are allocated to vampire and hunter activities. Also, I am anticipating the need for more text on each card to accommodate the erotic horror flavour content combined with the foreplay and/or game play activities. Granted, the cards could be made larger and still fit in the board design. With larger cards, they could be split with separate male and female activities. I’ll leave that as an upgrade option.

One of the challenges with foreplay games is that you usually want to progress slowly from tame sensual activities to kinkier or more intense sex play. For instance, when pleasuring a woman, you might start with kissing and fondling then sucking her nipples etc. before diving into oral sex. With a random set of foreplay cards, it is just as likely that you could draw a “lick her clitoris” card before getting her stripped down first. The cards could be written in a way that forfeits the activity and points if the activity cannot be performed yet. Also, there should be an easy way to gracefully decline certain activities until both players are ready for them (maybe forfeit a level). However, in a sex game, you do want to challenge players to experiment with different types of sex play even if they are initially a little reluctant.

Foreplay Activity Ideas

The foreplay activities on the vampire/hunter cards are intended to be consistent with the erotic horror theme. This is one of the most challenging aspects of this adult board game design. Normally sane people don’t associated romantic and pleasurable sex with horror. Here are a few ideas to give you a sense of how this might be done:

  • Werewolves doing it doggie style
  • Air sex in front of a mirror pretending to be having sex with a vampire
  • Wicked hand job with a finger exploring taboo territory
  • Growling while passionately kissing/ravishing your lover’s body
  • Caressing your lover’s body with frozen holy water (ice cube)
  • Licking, stroking or brushing pentagrams, crosses or other symbols on various erogenous zones
  • Zombie sex involving lots of moaning and groaning as you eat each other
  • Pretend to play dead as your lover attempts to make you move with only their tongue
  • Cherry lube or red wine licked from your lover’s navel or nipples
  • Glass dildos, vibrators and butt plugs used as vampire “killing” devices
  • Oral sex as a vampire seduction technique
  • Laying of Hands or fondling
  • Haunting whispers of seduction and hot breaths to send shivers down your victim’s spine

Once you start, there are lots of possibilities but it’s still a daunting task to create a good variety of cards that balances variety of foreplay with game play. This is my next challenge. If you have any ideas you would like to see in the cards, leave a comment.

The next items on the to do list for this adult board game design includes creating the player and level meter token images, the card template images, the dice images, the rules document and the EveryGame XML config files. I’ll also be scanning through my sex and relationship enhancement books for inspiration to generate more card ideas. Maybe I’ll read a few stories from the Hot Bloodseries of short stories too. I really wish they would come out with the next version of this series – amazing stories.

Suck! Vampire Themed Adult Board Game Design Details

UPDATE: An enhanced version of this erotic game for couples called Suck! Me is now available for iPad. The foreplay game design was updated and reimplemented using Swift. For more details, see the Sexy Vampire Game Overview. Download it today and give yourselves even more reason to lick and suck on each other.

In my previous post I introduced an adult board game design challenge based on a vampire theme. The working title is called Suck! It’s intended to be a foreplay game flavoured with tongue in cheek erotic horror. In this post, we’ll take a look at some design ideas leading up to a prototype board layout.

Board Game Design Constraints

As indicated in the previous post, Suck! is intended to work with EveryGame for the iPad. This introduces a few design constraints. There are also a few game elements from the concept outlined previously that should be worked in if possible. Although not “must haves”, they are factors to consider when developing the overall layout of the base image that makes up the iPad display and user interface. Here is a brief list of some of the key design constraints and desired elements for this adult board game:

  • Base image size 1024×768 pixels
  • Dice mechanism integrated into the board layout
  • Sex dice type mechanism with action/target words
  • Two decks of cards with flavour text, foreplay ideas & game play activities
  • Vampire/Hunter symbols on board locations map to one of the two card decks
  • Vampire/Hunter level indicators for each player (first to the top wins)
  • Location squares/circles are large enough to display simple foreplay or game instructions
  • Simple, clean design with minimal fancy graphics (my artistic skills still a little rusty)
  • Minimal on screen instruction or label text
  • Red and black primary colour scheme
  • Designed for a couple (two players) in a sexual relationship

Note that there are still some more advanced features of the EveryGame system that I have not yet explored. In particular, I believe it has the ability to use larger or multiple board images and tabbed displays to show more game elements. But for this iteration of Suck!, we’ll stick with a single screen image. As you can imagine, this key design constraint impacts the board design and layout significantly.

Design Ideas

Take a look at the Oral Sex adult board game. With a few fangs and some alternate activities, it would be fairly easy to transform this board game into a vampire themed sex game. My original thought for Suck! Was to create a board design in the shape of a pair of lips with fangs or even just the fangs by themselves. After sketching a few trial designs, the graphics just did not seem appealing. With the other design elements I was thinking of including, the layout became a little cluttered.

A cross, coffin, heart or bat shape could also be used. With a bit more thought and stylistic flair, each of these shapes could be made to work but for me, based on my quick sketches, they were not looking the greatest.

A dungeon or castle layout in the form or different rooms or a maze was another possibility. Or maybe a country layout with various paths leading between a castle, church, graveyard, village and other points of interest. Although these ideas have potential, for this particular iteration of the game design I was thinking something a little less elaborate.

Referring back to my Strip Tease game, I pondered reworking it into a vampire theme. Instead of heading toward a central bed, both players would be striving to become the first vampire safe and sound in their coffin or tomb. A third “player” representing the victim/hunter could be added to interfere or help them in some way. I do like this concept since the existing game elements include a bit of strategic competition and involves chasing each other. Modifying the Strip Tease base image would be relatively simple. I could reuse most of the game mechanics and XML config files too. The cards would be modified to have flavour text more appropriate to the vampire theme. Various activity locations would be positioned along the board to add a bit more variety as well. This might include more BDSM type activities for instance.

Note that in the concept above, both players are vampires to start. Alternatively, both players could be victims trying to get safely home with a vampire hunting them down. But in this scenario, players would be sacrificing each other to the vampire rather than cooperating to save each other against a common foe. Could work but let’s not.

So, using the Sorry! style game, both players would be taking on the role of vampires. The winner would then become the vampire Lord or Queen and take “control” of the other player as their slave to service all their deviant desires. Sounds good. However, one of the game elements I wanted to include is the idea of the player transforming into either a vampire or a hunter based on their actions throughout the game. This would make it more interesting by giving players various choices and encouraging decision making throughout the game. Also, the activity cards could be made more engaging since they could tie in with this design element in various ways.

My initial thoughts for Suck! involved having two meters or level indicators per player. One meter would record the vampire level and the other would be the hunter. Essentially the good and bad in everyone that develops or is revealed based on the choices we make. The first player to get one of these levels to the top wins either as the vampire or the hunter. Which one of the two determines what they win. For instance, oral sex vs intercourse.

In this scenario, each player takes on the dual role of vampire and hunter/victim in kind of a training mode. You are not fully a vampire or a hunter until you reach a certain level. This retains a competitive element and gives a reason to chase each other around the board (otherwise it could be just a card game).

Suck! Board Game Design

After a number of paper sketches and a few layout attempts in Adobe Illustrator, I simplified the board design to a capture just the key elements in a fairly clean looking image.

As you can see from the image, it’s essentially a circular path in the form of a square. Only the two key icons representing the vampire and the hunter/prey are included. The corner locations are labelled with the intent that they be starting locations and target destinations referenced by the cards. The two level meters for each player are on the side (circles now but could be chain links or blood droplets). The location for the two decks of cards is obvious. The dice though are located where the two fiery eye like symbols are placed under the title. The two dice will be used for movement and random foreplay.

Players will start at opposite sides of the board and chase each other around the board performing foreplay activities on random turns. Landing on the lips or heart symbol allows players to perform a card based task to hopefully increase their levels or reduce the levels of their opponent. Of course there will also be a benefit for catching your opponent on the board.

Although fairly simple in design, the dice and cards will provide the basis for developing the vampire theme combined with appropriate levels or foreplay throughout. In the next post, I’ll go through a few design elements in more detail and discuss how they relate to the game play concept that evolved to fit the board layout. We’ll also look at some ideas for the cards and some initial rules.

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