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Overview of Suck! Me: A Sexy Vampire Lovers Adult Board Game for Couples

Here is a video with more information about the Suck! Me sex game app for the iPad. This sexy vampire themed couples game is a great way to spice up your love life with hot new foreplay ideas. It’s a fun and easy game to play that includes lots of licking and sucking. It’s designed to play as a strip game with erotic roleplaying and sexual vampire fantasies combined. It comes with it’s own sex dice built in to add extra sensual teasing throughout the game.

In this sexy vampire love game, players see if they’re going to enjoy vampire style oral sex or vampire slaying intercourse as the reward. The winner decides how they both come together. The foreplay ideas encourage couples to use their sex toys and man stake together as vampire slaying implements.

Here is the script used for the video:

In this video you’ll discover an amazing new oral sex game to play with the person you love. It’s called Suck Me and it’s available on the iPad.

Suck! Me is a vampire themed foreplay game for two players. In this game, you pretend to be seductive vampires, sensual victims and horny hunters. However, instead of sucking blood, these sexy vampires feed on the oral orgasms of their prey.

The hungry vampires are always seeking fresh flesh to lick and suck on. But the vampire hunters are out to slay their oral lust. The head hunters are purity protectors with a stake in preserving the pleasures of penetration.

It’s a sexy struggle to see if the winner gets to say Suck Me or Fuck Me.

To become the top vampire or head hunter, you must gain sucking and staking skills by performing erotic challenges and activities as you chase each other around the board. There’ll be some spicy BDSM role-play with lots of sensual foreplay to get your blood flowing.

So prepare your vibrators, dildos and man stake. Apply your holy lube and get ready to come face to face with a seductive night creature.

The Suck! Me Game uses a fairly simple board layout. The corners are labelled Castle, Tomb, Dungeon and Church. These are special locations referenced in the activity cards.

There are also fang and heart icons located on select squares around the board. Landing on these open the Vampire and Hunter activity cards. The cards give various types of themed foreplay challenges. Performing the activities gives you skill rewards measured by the Master and Mistress blood levels. You win the game by getting blood to the heart or fangs first.

There are two dice located under the fiery eyes. The dice have faces with movement numbers, game bonus items and foreplay words. They double as sex dice if action/target words come up on both. They work by tapping to start the roll and tapping again to stop.

As you move around the board, you take ownership of blank locations and try to lock each side. Trespassers will then give you a blood bonus.

If you capture the other player by landing on them, you get to choose whether you’re a vampire or hunter and which blood bonus you want. They then get sent to either the Castle or Dungeon.

Suck! Me can be played in Quick or Full mode. In a quick game, the first player to fill one of their blood meters wins. In a full game, the first player to fill both meters wins. If a player wins a quick game, there is an option on the final screen to keep playing.

The meter that gets filled to win the game determines your reward. If the heart meter is filled, the hunters win and you both enjoy good old fashioned intercourse to put the vampire to rest. The winning player chooses the style of penetration.

If the fang meter is filled, the vampire in you wins. You then convert your prey into a vampire by allowing them to perform oral sex on you to orgasm.

Discover if the Master or Mistress rules in your bedroom tonight.

For full rules and other details, visit Suck! Me Game Overview

Download the Suck! Me oral sex game for couples today! Just click Get the Suck! Me Vampire Sex Game for iPad.

Stimulate your passions and get your blood flowing red hot as you unleash the sexy beast inside you. Make your pulses pound as you hunt your prey and each other around the Castle, Church, Tomb and Dungeon. Add a touch of erotic horror to your adult play. Become the seductive vampire Master or sexy vampiress Queen and rule your bedroom tonight.

Frisky Vibrator Ideas for Couples Games

When designing adult games, you’ll want a large number of unique foreplay ideas to include. One creativity technique is to pick an erotic topic or a pleasure item and then brainstorm as many ideas as possible related to it. You’ll want to try for a minimum of 10 and then push toward 20, 30 or more. The first few will be relatively easy but are generally more obvious as well. Your really creative ideas come near the end of the process when you struggle with new ways of thinking.

As an example, to help market our Kinky Sex and Foreplay Ideas for Couples Game, I wanted to write a blog post with some creative sex tips and ideas. Since I recently read an article suggesting that many women hide their vibrators from their lovers, I challenged myself to come up with as many ways as I could for couples to use a vibrator together as foreplay. Why hide them from each other when they could easily be playing with them together. I even posed a sexy game couples could play that involved coming up with their own creative foreplay ideas using a vibrator.

The blog post is Frisky Vibrations: Foreplay Ideas for Couples With a Vibrator. It has over 30 different types of pleasure activities that couples can explore together using a vibrator. See if you can come up with any new ones.

And, what better way to promote the article and the game then a video on YouTube. So I wrote a quick script (included below), took some pictures of a few items on hand and whipped up a Keynote presentation. I recorded and cleaned up the voice over using Audacity. Final touches were done in iMovie. The script was intended to follow the Hook, Path and Persuasion format from the Video Boss course I took. However, I have also been reading Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff so decided to try out an Intrigue Frame technique as well. The video provides a light hearted look at how many couples view sex toys in their relationship.

Frisky Vibrations – Dilemma of a Dirty Girl and Her Sex Toy

Here is the script for the video:

She thought her vibrator was safe … hidden away in her underwear drawer.

No one would ever know her guilty secret pleasure … the ecstasy of masturbating with her battery powered sex toy.

She suspected something as soon as she got home. No wonder he looked so moody and mysterious. And then, when she went up to their bedroom, he stormed out to the garage to be alone with his tools.

How did he find it? Why did he look in there? It was buried under her panties. Guys don’t touch those girly things unless they’re trying to get into them right? But there it was tossed on her pillow in plain sight.

It was a gag gift but the thrilling sensations it created were amazing. Just seeing it made her clit throb with desire. But her mind swirled with conflicting emotions.

Was he pissed off that she pleasured herself alone? What was he thinking? That he wasn’t good enough in bed for her? Was she faking her orgasms with him because she needed a vibrator to get off? And those times when she wasn’t in the mood for sex was it because she already did it herself without him? Why would she need a sex toy when she had the real thing?

Oh, of course she loved the real thing too. Intercourse was great and oral sex was heavenly. But her vibrator was magical – even better than her own fingers.

Panicking, feelings of fear, guilt and shame tried to wash over her joyful memories of forbidden pleasure.

Something had to go … her vibrator induced orgasms or her man. But she wanted and needed both!

Was their relationship over? Could he forgive her?

What the hell was he doing in there anyway?

A kinky thought crossed her mind … was he secretly trying on her panties? What else could he be doing with her silky underwear while she was away? She rushed to opened her underwear drawer and discovered ….

A brand new sleek, sensual vibrator tied with a ribbon and a note … let’s play together tonight.

Visit to discover more than 30 ways couples can play together with a vibrator. When you’re playing together tonight, challenge each other to come up with your own frisky foreplay ideas using a vibrator. If you can think of any more naughty ways to play, please leave a comment and share it with other couples so we can all have more fun and enjoy more pleasure together.

An Adult Board Game Design Based on Chess?

Chess is a very popular board game that many people know how to play at least casually. It’s a great game for couples to playfully match wits possibly with intimate rewards for the winner. Most people also have an old chess board laying around their home or cottage. The EveryGame app for the iPad (my favourite foreplay game platform) even comes with a chess game included and it can be customized or completely redesigned if desired. Why not create an adult board game design based on chess? An erotic chess game would be great for couples who want to spice up their bedroom fun. This article discusses a few possible ideas to make your own sex game.

I have seen some simple strip chess variations that involve removing an item of clothing for each piece captured. There is also one that assigns foreplay activities to the type of piece captured. For instance, capture a pawn and get a passionate kiss. This variation is a little better than just stripping and does provide for some interesting foreplay possibilities. The foreplay favours could even be made relatively tame for the first game and then become more intimate in the next. And of course the overall winner of these foreplay games would receive an appropriate pleasure reward as a bonus.

This simple variation of erotic chess effectively has only six events that can be assigned a foreplay activity (pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king in check or mate). One of these events should be tied to a stripping activity for the first game at least (maybe bishops and/or knights). This doesn’t leave many options for the other capture events. Activities would also need to be relatively generic such as fondling, massaging or kissing a body part. A rule could be added that these foreplay actions are to be done only on an exposed region or erogenous zone. Couples would then have an incentive to capture/defend select pieces which would help increase the erotic tension.

Beyond just the type of piece captured, there are actually many other types of events that could be assigned a foreplay activity. The rarity or skill level required to perform the event could also correspond to the type of foreplay idea assigned. For example, the combinations of the piece captured and the capturing piece creates more unique event types (i.e. pawn takes queen or rook takes bishop). Even the type of piece used to put a king in check could be viewed as a unique event. Castling and the type of pawn promotion (doesn’t have to be a queen) are also possible events. Of course there needs to be a balance between the variety of possible foreplay ideas and the complexity of defining and using them in your adult board game design.

Also, there is no reason the rules of the board game can’t be modified slightly to accommodate or encourage certain types of desired activities. For example, losing a queen is usually fairly devastating but what if you could strip an item of clothing to get it put back on the board again. The queen could come again and again (multiple orgasms anyone). And what about the king. Why limit the rules to just getting the player in checkmate or worse stalemate? The type of piece taking the king could be mapped to a sex play activity (oral sex, doggie style, anal sex, bondage, etc.). One final foreplay activity could be squeezed in by the other player before the final climax or they could move their king to be taken the way they want.

In some adult board game designs, foreplay favours or forfeits are randomized to create sensual variety and anticipation. Although you could roll sex dice or pick foreplay activity cards in your erotic chess game, knowing what each capture event corresponds to may actually enhance the game play. It may even help balance player skill level by encouraging couples to alter their strategy for pleasure rather than conquest. But as a quick way to add more foreplay variety, include components from some of your other foreplay games. Instead of assigning specific foreplay favours to a captured piece, specify a type of foreplay selection such as erotic dice, foreplay idea cards or a set intimate questions. Although you won’t know the exact activity or challenge for each piece, you’ll still have a general idea which will still influence the game play strategy.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas to make your own adult board game design based on chess. Please leave a comment describing your variations of foreplay games using chess. Also check out the Love Chess computer game that you can play online or together with your partner. It’s sexy entertainment at it’s finest – a combination of erotic art and chess. Just click the image below.

An Adult Board Game Design Based on Checkers?

Checkers is a simple and popular board game that almost everyone knows how to play. Most people also have an old checkers board laying around the house. EveryGame for the iPad (my current favourite foreplay game platform) even comes with a checkers game included. And, it can be customized or completely redesigned if desired. Why not create an adult board game design based on checkers? Of course we’ll want something a little more challenging than “strip one item for each piece you capture“. That’s just too easy and a little boring when what you want is to build anticipation and desire. It’s more fun to work a little for the ultimate reward.

There are a large number of checker variations that use different board configurations, numbers of pieces and interesting rules that could all be adapted into a foreplay game for couples. The primary challenge is to retain the fast, simple play structure while designing in mechanisms to help build erotic tension. Checkers normally involves lots of capture moves so stripping and other foreplay activities should be tied to less frequent game events. Otherwise players will be licking and sucking each other constantly with little focus on the actual game. Assigning sex activities to the end of each game would draw out the erotic play too much. There needs to be a balance to make playing fun and winning even more sweet.

I like to reward skilled or lucky plays with a foreplay activity or sexual forfeit to encourage players to get into the game. Also, it’s nice to add a bit of flavour text to the sex game to give it more of an erotic appeal. Checkers is an abstract game but with a bit of context, it can be transformed into a sexy setting for randy role play. Spice it up a bit with a creative sex oriented theme and title. You may consider the pieces to be men and women in some form of erotic struggle with each other. When promoting pieces turn them into kings and queens or any other term that suits your theme. And of course you’ll want some kind of reason to be jumping each other (euphemism for sex) to get to the other side even if it is a little contrived or tongue in cheek. My view is that when you enhance the mental stimulation you increase the frisky fun factor too.

Foreplay Rewards & Forfeits

There are relatively few types of game events in regular checkers but there are some that could warrant a foreplay bonus. Stripping could also be tied to specific game events as well. However, since most people tend to wear only 4-6 items of clothing, you’ll want these events to be relatively infrequent so it’s paced over a period of time. Here are a few possibilities:

  • If you jump multiple pieces in a single turn receive a foreplay bonus
  • If you promote a piece to a king/queen receive a foreplay bonus
  • If you jump a king/queen receive a foreplay bonus
  • If you jump a king/queen with a regular piece your partner must strip an item of clothing
  • When you win a game, your partner must strip an item of clothing
  • Best 3 out of 5 games selects a sexual reward as the ultimate winner

The foreplay bonus could be determined by rolling sex dice or using foreplay cards from another sex game.

Other Variations

Using the EveryGame app on the iPad, it’s easy to create new images for the checker pieces. This opens up a few more creative possibilities (use sticky labels on physical pieces if desired – numbers mapping to detailed descriptions if required). Here are some other ideas that could be incorporated into a sexy checkers game:

  • Assign each piece with a sex position or activity (blow job, cunnilingus, doggie style, anal sex, bondage, roleplay, etc.). Randomly or strategically place the pieces on the board. Last sex position left on the board is the one performed.
  • Assign each piece a body part (hand, leg, lips, pussy, cock, foot, butt, etc.). When you jump a piece, you must use the body part of the jumper to stimulate the body part(s) jumped.
  • Assign each piece the name of a person (celebrity, historic figure, friend, politician, fictional character, cartoon, etc.). When you jump a piece, you must also describe the two or more people doing something nasty together.
  • Use wrapped chocolates or candies as the checker pieces and enjoy them each time you capture one or two.

If you want more sexy ideas for your adult board games, download this Fun and Sexy Dice Game For Couples. The Frisky Foreplay game comes with over 200 foreplay ideas for both of you (male and female). The sexy activities range from warm & loving to wild & kinky. Play the game as is or use the ideas in your own couples games. In Frisky Foreplay, there are six intensity levels with 36 foreplay ideas per level that map to two dice. If you play multiple games of checkers, you could advance to a new level for each game played and roll the dice to determine a foreplay favour to perform when a capture is made.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas to make your own adult board game design based on checkers. Please leave a comment describing your variations of foreplay games using the checker board/pieces.

Finding Ideas for Adult Board Game Designs

One of the things I like about adult board games is that they provide a semi-random and fun way to introduce new sex related topics or ideas. If you want to make your own sex game or spice up another board game that you enjoy playing, you’ll face the challenge of coming up with creative erotic activities to include in your game. A similar mechanism is useful in relationship games that involve intimate questions. You may be bursting with questions to ask a new or even long term partner but you don’t want to come across as an interrogator at an inquisition. An entire spectrum of intimate questions could be included in a board game format and revealed randomly in a fun way.

Many adult games use decks of cards with sexy questions, foreplay ideas, pleasuring activities or erotic challenges organized into categories or intensity levels. Cards provide enough space to include a reasonable amount of detailed text or graphics to describe an activity with appropriate flavour text as well. The content still needs to be succinctly written in just a few short sentences (unless you have really big cards). Unfortunately this requires leaving out a fair bit of background information that may be useful for some couples. This leads to the primary source of obtaining ideas for your game activities.

Many sex related ideas are best collected into a book format so they can be presented with sufficiently detailed background and contextual information. But the extra detail does introduce a different problem – individual ideas are not as convenient to access when you want them. I have a huge collection of relationship enhancement books. They all have at least a few unique and wonderful ideas that would be amazing to try out at different times. In fact, the more books you have the more difficult it becomes to find just the right activity to suit your mood. Also, once you’ve read a book, you may not necessarily remember the idea when the time comes to use it. All the detailed background information is still in your head mixed in with all the other stuff you think about. What you need is a mechanism to trigger your recall when you’re in a situation to actually use the idea. When you’re playing a foreplay game, it’s a perfect time to trigger that recall and get frisky.

Most couples have a collection of relationship enhancement or sex books or have at least come across articles about the subject in magazines or online. Although you may want to introduce new ideas in your game or help people learn more, you need to assume players have some level of background information already. The trick is to craft the idea in a way that most effectively ties in cues to related concepts that you expect people know. Your game provides a fun way to refresh their memory and create new memories as well.

As an adult board game designer, you’ll want to read as many books on the subject as possible while collecting key ideas as you go. Use a mind map or spreadsheet to record the essence of the idea. When you are designing your game, you can quickly scan the information and trigger your own recall. Without copying directly, you’ll be able to work the idea into your concept and more easily adapt the flavour text of the activity to your theme.

For a short cut, check out 500 Sex & Lovemaking Tips and 500 Intimate Questions for Couples for inspiration. Lots of ideas already condensed and organized for you.

Welcome to Adult Board Game Design

There are alot of websites out there that review and sell general family games. This blog is intended to provide reviews of adult board games with an emphasis on analysing their design and playability. We will also look at ways to design your own adults games, improve games you’ve purchased and transform classic board games into your own custom erotic games for couples or party play.

With current computer and printer technology, it’s easy to create and print out new board game design elements for your creative ideas. You can even adapt boards and pieces from other games you no longer play and reuse them for your own games. We will be investigating techniques for prototyping your game designs and even ways to get your game designs manufactured or sold as electronic downloads. 

Board based bedroom games, foreplay games, relationship games and erotic party games will all be investigated. Sexy ideas for spicing up these games will also be provided. We will even detail example designs based on transforming classic board games into sexy new variations.

With the introduction of the iPad, there is a great opportunity for using it to create computer board games so we will also investigate some game design software for it as well. The size of the iPad makes it perfect for use by couples in the bedroom.

We hope you enjoy designing, creating and playing adult games. Even if you decide to just buy your games (hopefully from our site) you’re sure to find creative ways to enhance or customize your purchased games to suit the type of play you desire.

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