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A Hot Affair Adult Board Game Design Review

A HOT AFFAIR…with your partner! This hot relationship game is a fun way to keep communication going between couples. It encourages you to try out exciting and new activities that are intimate, sensual and revealing. After the first few years of romance together, many couples tend to find their nights of passionately exploring each other’s erogenous zones becoming more and more a distant memory. Sexy fun fades replaced with routine responsibilities and arguments.

A Hot Affair brings back the art of seduction, laughter and lust. And since you’re both playing a game, you can release built up inhibitions and feel free to be naughty again (neither of you needs to be the instigator). It really does lead to the feeling that you are having an affair … but with your partner!

So dim the lights, switch off the phone and get ready to play the hottest adult board game ever! A Hot Affair will have you loving, laughing and lusting after each other with just a few throws of the dice. Along the way, you’ll experience new, exciting and occasionally hilarious challenges with stimulating, sexy and wild conversations. The game climaxes with the winner choosing to make real one of fifty breathtaking fantasies! The perfect start to a A Hot Affair.

It all begins with a loving gaze into each other’s eyes. The last to blink throws the dice to start the game!

As you progress around the board, the questions become more intimate and the challenges more steamy. Even after you close the box the fun continues … with a special ‘treat feature’ to keep the passion going. It includes over 400 novel and fun ideas at three progressive levels of play. If you just feel like a fun romantic night, you can play with the first two levels; if you are both feeling horny, just shuffle the fantasy cards and go for it!

With hundreds of sexy activity and fantasy ideas, the game can be enjoyed over and over! Whether you are married, living together or having an actual affair, this adult board game will spice up your sex life.

Board Game Design

As you can see from the picture, the game board is square with a fairly simple circular path. There are 27 locations with 7 different types of colours/symbols corresponding to various activities. The colours are vibrant and distinct and the symbols are easily distinguishable. Aesthetically it’s simple yet almost artistic in design.

Like a lot of basic sex or relationship games on the market, there isn’t much strategy or many interesting game decisions to make. Essentially, you roll a single die and move around the board performing actions based on the type of location you land on. Although you mix in drinking, kissing, erotic dancing, stripping, sensual edibles, massaging and erogenous zone pleasuring, the variety of the cards is what makes this game fun. The board just helps to mix things up a bit.

The game comes with 65 cards in each of 3 decks (intimate, passionate, steamy). Each card is split into a Hers and His section. There are also 50 fantasy cards in a fourth deck.

Game Play Mechanics

Although there is nothing special about rolling a die and moving your token around a board, there is one game element that is suited for a foreplay and/or sex game. Each player’s token is like a spindle for DVD blanks designed to fit small plastic rings. Each time around the board, you place a coloured ring on your token – two pink, two purple then two red (6 times around the board). The colours indicates at which intensity level you’re playing. You start out intimate then progress to passionate and end with hot & steamy. Your current colour determines which of the decks of cards you draw from.

This one mechanism effectively handles the problem of how to start the foreplay off slow and progress to more intense levels of sexual activities near the end of the game. It even allows you to customize how you want to play the game – stay on the intimate level longer or for the entire game, speed up the game by using only a single ring before progressing to the next level or jump to the steamy material right away. The instructions describe these alternate ways to play.

Although not mentioned in the rules, there is one other way to play worth considering. For couples in a mature relationship, progressing through the levels sequentially may seem a little slow. But just jumping to the steamy cards misses the opportunities to revisit some of the intimate and passionate ideas. In this situation, it might be good to mix up the cards. Of course shuffling the three decks is an option. A better idea might be using the current die roll to determine which deck to pick from. For example, 1-2 is for intimate, 3-4 is for passionate and 5-6 is for steamy. You can even juggle the odds for more steamy action by assigning 1 and 2 to intimate and passionate respectively and 3-6 for steamy.

Although there are a few locations on the board where you have a choice of what to do from a pleasuring perspective (“up to your imagination”), there is only one main game related decision to make during play. Every time you go around the board, you get to pick up a Fantasy card but you only get to keep two. So, at some point, you need to determine which one you want to keep. One of the two remaining Fantasy cards at the end constitutes the reward for winning the game. If you have a really good card, you’ll want to win more but really it’s just a matter of rolling the die.

Foreplay Game Elements

Other than the cards, there are various locations on the board that give you the opportunity to engage in some erotic or pleasuring activities.

The level independent spaces are:

  • The Heart symbol indicates you can make up your own activity or just relax
  • The Drink symbol indicates you take a drink (you can make this more erotic by doing body shots)
  • The Shoe symbol indicates you strip an item of clothing (or maybe dress in something more sexy)

On some spaces, the activity has different intensity variations based on the current level:

  • The Lips symbol indicates you should kiss each other (but really, just a kiss on the cheek for the intimate level)
  • The Fruit symbol indicate you should erotically use a food item to stimulate yourself or your partner
  • The Erotic Dancing location indicates you should perform a sensual, sexy or lap dance
  • Landing on the Massage location gets you a relaxing, sensual or erotic massage from your partner
  • When you land on the Erogenous Zone you roll the die to determine what body part gets pleasured by your partner

In my opinion, the descriptions of the intimate, passionate and steamy variations for these locations seem a little contrived. Sure they provide some guidance as an example but most couples should be capable of adapting the activities to their current level of undress and arousal level. In general, these locations encourages some generic types of pleasuring and work fairly well with the card selection locations.

However, the rules for when you land on the Erogenous Zone location are just plain Stupid! In the first place, linking the erogenous zone to a single die roll is very restrictive. Even with the limitation of only 6 body regions to pleasure, it is still possible to make it work. But I am totally amazed by the ridiculous list included in the rules. Who selected the body parts for the list and who approved it? Were they heavily “medicated” or did some censor in the editing department make a quick rewrite? Ear Lobe, Neck, Inner Thigh are okay. But Eyelids? Who in their right mind thinks stroking, kissing, sucking and nibbling on eyelids is pleasurable? And this one “The line where the thigh meets the buttocks” – why? And then just for kicks, a “Wildcard. Your choice of special place!”. Notice there are no breasts, legs, arms, actual buttocks, stomach, etc. They could have used any of the many types of sex dice available to find some inspiration to come up with a better list.

Here is a simple fix that eliminates the restriction of the single die while providing more foreplay flexibility:

Your partner will sensually stimulate any exposed erogenous zone they choose. They must select a different region of your body each time you land on this location.

Or, just get yourself a set of sex dice and roll them when you land on that particular location.

Also, rather than having the Massage and Erogenous Zone spaces be passive pleasure receiving locations, they should be reoriented to be active and giving. Rather than receiving a massage when you land on the location, you perform the massage. This is more consistent with the other locations where the player landing on the spot performs an action. Either way it balances out in the long run but I think the consistency in the rules makes them easier to remember.

The cards are definitely the centre of interest with this game. The thing to keep in mind though is that our brains are our biggest sex organ. Many of the cards are questions to stimulate discussion and find more about each other. Some are a little outrageous and most are flavoured with a bit of humour. There are erotic activities to be performed as well. I did find some of the activity ideas a little baffling in that they seemed to be intended more for discussion or “mentally simulated stimulation” but were not written as questions. Certain ideas seemed to be included as a joke intended to induce erotic fits of laughter more than anything. For instance, one card suggested vaginally inserting yogurt with a penis – what? Granted the good bacteria of plain yogurt may be beneficial but who even has that stuff in their fridge. You definitely don’t want to be putting flavoured and sweetened yogurt there. But this card did generate some lively and fun discussion between my wife and I. Almost every card you read will at least put a smile on your face.

One other curious note. To determine who goes first:

Lovingly gaze into each other’s eyes. The last to blink throws the dice to start the game!

When I first read this, I originally thought it was kind of lame. However, after reading Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains–The Science Behind Sex, Love, & Attraction it appears this may be a very important part of the foreplay. Gazing into each other’s eyes actually makes you more intensely attracted to your partner and it creates a “surge of romantic love”. Definitely a great way to start A Hot Affair.

Get The Adult Board Game A Hot Affair

The game is very well crafted with good quality cards and packaging. The card ideas help you explore your inner feelings and encourages some fun and serious erotic discussions. You’ll have a great time discovering or relearning things about each other while having fun laughing and playing together. It even gives you some sexy ideas to surprise your lover with in the future. Set aside some private time alone and without distraction so you can get the most from this game.

Order A Hot Affair Adult Board Game and discover how much fun you can have with your partner.

I hope you enjoyed this adult board game design review. Please leave a comment with your experience playing this game and any ideas you have for enhancing it for other couples who want to experience A Hot Affair.

Oral Sex!- Adult Board Game

The Oral Sex! board game is a simple yet effective design that is easy and fun to play. The goal of course is a race to the finish with the winner receiving fellatio or cunnilingus. Ah but there is more to oral pleasuring than just sucking and licking each other’s genitals. This foreplay game encourages you to explore using your mouth, lips and tongue to stimulate other erogenous zones.

As you move around the lip shaped board, you’ll enjoy different types of foreplay surprises on your journey to oral ecstasy.

Although it may appear a little corny, Oral Sex! is A Tasty Sex Game Every Couple Should Play!.

The game provides two small bottles of lube to be used as tokens and for various foreplay activities. You may not enjoy the taste of the lube. I’d recommend using your own tokens and purchasing some good quality flavoured oils to use instead.

If you like to make your own adult board games, this one appears to be a fairly simple one to clone and customize with your own oral foreplay activities. And of course, other shapes (penis, vulva, breasts, dildos, etc.) could be adapted in a similar way. How about a full body image with location specific foreplay ideas. As you move around, certain game play events send you to different erogenous zones where you earn arousal points. I’ll leave the rest of the design to your imagination for now.

Visit Adam & Eve to see other adult board games and sex toys that you can order online. You can get their free adult product catalog here.

Hump! Sex Education Game for Couples

This hot little adult board game has 104 Ask Her and Ask Him cards that cover every sexual interest and desire under the sun. It’s a fun way to find out what really turns your partner on! See who gets to hump first! Includes board, die, tin game box.

Improve your sexual satisfaction with a game of erotic education where you learn more about each other. Ask each other intimate questions and share revealing answers – improve your communication about sex. It’s great for new romantic partners who are just getting to know each other better. Even if you are in a long term relationship, you’re sure to find new ideas to help spice up your sex life.

Quickly Discover What Turns Your Lover On!

As you can see from the image, the game board is fairly simple in design. The question cards provide the foundation of the game which does lead to it’s main draw back. For new couples, it’s a great way to learn about each other. Even if you’ve been together for a while, there is probably something new you can still learn. The game does stimulate some good communication about sex. However, after playing a few times, you’ll learn the answers and hopefully remember them.

Although it has reduced re-playability, this is a good adult board game for the price. You can also use the cards with other erotic games you design for yourself. And, of course, you can also design your own custom questions and print them on business cards to spice it up even more. You can challenge your partner to come up with a set of 20-30 question cards to combine with your own. Add in some leading questions that hint at your own sexual desires, fantasies or fetishes.

There are a variety of adult games from Adam & Eve that you can order online. Browse through all their available sex and foreplay games to find one or more that suit your desires. Get your free adult product catalog here. Spend some time together with your partner to browse all the products – there’s something here for everyone. Even if you’ve never played sex games before, you’re sure to find something interesting to enhance your bedroom fun.

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