My earlier post discussed some ideas for an adult board game design based on an erotic variation of Sorry!. Well, I finally finished creating a working version. In this post, I’ll discuss a few of the design decisions I opted to included in my prototype. The title Strip Tease! just seemed appropriate so that’s what stuck. Some of the rules and game mechanics were adapted to suit the title as well. (See below to download it for free and try it out)

Although I don’t consider myself a professional graphic artist, I did manage to whip up a design for the game board in Adobe Illustrator. You could have started with just an image editor to save some conversion steps. However, I think using a vector based graphics package to start is best since you have full control over the positioning the objects in pixel coordinates. Some of the fancier graphics may only be possible using an image editor but they should be doable after the primary graphics objects are designed.

The image below was exported from Illustrator into JPG then edited using Pixelmator and exported into the PNG format required by EveryGame. Note that the image looks significantly better if you export to JPG with anti aliasing on rather than exporting to TIFF first. I am sure newer versions of Illustrator can export directly to PNG format but I am still using version 10 for now.

Board Design

As you can see from the image, it is designed for only two players – reducing it from four made room for some other game elements. I opted to have players start on a Sofa presumably in separate rooms. Players need to get off the sofa and race clockwise around the board toward a single, central and common destination represented by a Bed. The Hot Zone is the “safe” area that leads to the Bed.

The board is oriented with a His (red) and Her (magenta) side – gender is denoted only by the title of the Foreplay Cards so it could easily be adapted for other sexual orientations. Pink/Blue for girl/boy seemed a bit lame and I personally like the red and magenta colours. The slider arrows only have three colours with blue representing the neutral ones that both players slide on. Recall that you don’t slide on arrows of your own colour.

For movement, instead of cards, I chose to use a dice rolling mechanism. One die indicates an action type and the other displays a number from 1-12. There are also Tease Dice for each side that are used when certain events occur. They work similar to erotic sex or foreplay dice. For my first version, I decided to use words on the dice like Kiss and Neck rather than using more complex images (actual pictures could be used). These dice were implemented following the example in the Backgammon game.

The Question marks and Heart symbols on the board are intended to add a little extra spice to the game play. When a player lands on a Heart, they tap their Foreplay Card deck to reveal an activity to perform. These cards are intended to be gender specific but could be redesigned for other purposes. They can be purely foreplay related activities or include questions or challenges with game play rewards. They can be designed such that if you land on it, your partner performs the activity for your pleasure or you perform an action for their pleasure.

The Question mark symbol is intended to be a player choice. They can make up their own foreplay activity, take a drink, select either His/Her foreplay cards or roll the Tease Dice. Other types of symbols or more of these two could be added if further play testing indicates there is not enough foreplay going on. There is a tricky balance between having too many activities vs too much game play. I do want the players to actually play a game with a bit of strategic challenge rather than just circling around a board and performing activities in a regular, semi-random sequence.

My wife wanted me to make the sofa and bed look more realistic but I figured a more abstract approach was a good first attempt. I tried to keep the board design fairly clean and aesthetically balanced while adding some colour and a few foreplay mechanisms. You’ll note that I left out instructions like “Tap to Roll Dice” to reduce clutter a bit. The game is intended for adults – they should be able to recall the basic mechanics. The labels I did include are oriented to be read by the player on the side of the board that needs to read them. The foreplay card and tease dice images are also oriented appropriately. This does require that the female version of the images be rotated 180 degrees – which I do after editing in the text. Although the tease dice are intended to be gender specific and thus separate, the action dice are the same for both players. Instead of duplicating the action dice, a single instance is used but the images are rotated 90 degrees.

Game Play Mechanics

The game is intended to play very similar to the original but with a few extras added in to make it more of a grown up game (even without the foreplay content). The action dice mechanism allows more combinations than could be done with a fixed set of cards. By using a variety of symbols, it enables more sophisticated movement options or restrictions to be incorporated. The set I included has 16 different action types but this could easily be modified to radically alter the game in various ways.

The heart and question mark symbols placed on the board combine with the action dice variety to provide even more strategic game play. In certain situations, players may arrange their moves to obtain pleasure rather than attempting to just “win”. Other types of symbols and corresponding activities could be added in to increase the variety of play even more. These extra choices would complicate the game for kids but make it more challenging and interesting for adults.

During initial play testing there was one thing that concerned me regarding the a dice mechanism. Although I have not done exhaustive testing to prove anything yet, there appeared to be too many duplicate values showing up in successive rolls. This may be an issue with how I coded the XML or something deeper in the randomizer. It may just be my imagination or preconceived expectation of how I wanted it to work.

One other thing that might need tweaking is the frequency distribution that certain action symbols should show up relative to others. If you take a look at the StripTease_game.xml file, the line:

<single_tap action=”random_side” args=”v2,0_1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_10_11_12_13_14_15_2_0_0_2,actiondice1″>

could be modified to include image index values multiple times. In this particular example, the forward and backward symbols (0,2) are both included two extra times so they should have a higher chance of showing up. I was also thinking of mixing up the order of the index values although this shouldn’t have any effect if the randomizer is working properly.

Foreplay Game Elements

The game incorporates a variety of foreplay opportunities:

  • When you bump a player, tap the tease dice and creatively pleasure your lover based on the two words shown.
  • When you land on a Heart, roll a Heart symbol, or your lover gets a token in Bed, tap your foreplay cards and perform the action specified.
  • When you land on or roll a Question mark, take a drink, roll the tease dice, pick a foreplay card or make up your own activity.
  • When you get a token in Bed, strip an article of clothing (or have your lover remove it for you).
  • When you roll a pair of lips, kiss each other passionately.
  • More icons or symbols could be placed on the board or included in the action dice to represent other types of special foreplay activities. For instance, a dildo image could indicate that you need to creatively use a sex toy to stimulate your partner. Or maybe a hand for a massage.

The foreplay cards are split into two coloured sections for an intimate and a more passionate activity. More intense activities are to be performed when the players are likely to be semi-naked and closer to the end of the game. I have included 20 His and 20 Her foreplay cards each with two activities to get started.

Get The Adult Board Game

Check out the rules: Strip Tease! Rules or download the full game and upload it onto your iPad.

Right Click on the Link and Choose Save As to download the .EGE file and install on your iPad:

Strip Tease! Adult Board Game Design (EGE file)
Strip Tease! Adult Board Game Design (ZIP file)

Remember that you do need the EveryGame app to run it. If the ege file doesn’t work, try the zip instead – they are the same file just renamed.

I hope you enjoy playing Strip Tease! This is my first adult board game design for the EveryGame app on the iPad. It still needs a lot more play testing and most likely a bit of fine tuning. Please leave a comment with any recommendations you have for improving the game play. His and Her foreplay card suggestions are welcome too. Be sure to visit again for updates and more adult games for couples.