There are alot of websites out there that review and sell general family games. This blog is intended to provide reviews of adult board games with an emphasis on analysing their design and playability. We will also look at ways to design your own adults games, improve games you’ve purchased and transform classic board games into your own custom erotic games for couples or party play.

With current computer and printer technology, it’s easy to create and print out new board game design elements for your creative ideas. You can even adapt boards and pieces from other games you no longer play and reuse them for your own games. We will be investigating techniques for prototyping your game designs and even ways to get your game designs manufactured or sold as electronic downloads. 

Board based bedroom games, foreplay games, relationship games and erotic party games will all be investigated. Sexy ideas for spicing up these games will also be provided. We will even detail example designs based on transforming classic board games into sexy new variations.

With the introduction of the iPad, there is a great opportunity for using it to create computer board games so we will also investigate some game design software for it as well. The size of the iPad makes it perfect for use by couples in the bedroom.

We hope you enjoy designing, creating and playing adult games. Even if you decide to just buy your games (hopefully from our site) you’re sure to find creative ways to enhance or customize your purchased games to suit the type of play you desire.