Here is a video with 69 foreplay ideas that you can use to make your own sexy bedroom games. Spice up your regular games with a few sensual activities and create your own naughty rules to make your adult play even more fun.

This video was created to help promote the new book my wife and I recently published on Amazon. Click Sex Games & Foreplay Ideas for Couples to order the book. It’s packed full of creative sex and foreplay ideas organized to mix in with any game you like to play. The book also includes lot’s of sex game ideas based on regular games to show you how you can create your own erotic games for couples from any game you enjoy playing. Discover how fun it can be to play naughty together especially when you make up your own rules to play dirty with.

Note that the book also includes the full rules and activity lists for the Frisky Foreplay erotic dice game. It’s available on Kindle as well but I recommend getting the physical book.

See the blog post with the full list of ideas at 69 Foreplay Ideas to Make Your Own Bedroom Games for Couples.