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Frisky Boggle Erotic Word Game for Couples

Rather than limiting your design to adult board games, take any opportunity to adapt the rules of regular games and transform them into erotic variations. For instance, although Boggle is considered a nice clean family game, dirty minded couples are bound to find some naughty words scrambled among the lettered cubes. It’s easy to imagine this as the start of some frisky fun. But how do you adjust the rules to include sexy activities and fun foreplay?

Frisky Erotic Word Game for Couples

I originally designed a version of Boggle Foreplay for our Sexy Suggestions website. There is also an online scoring form with randomly generated foreplay ideas to perform at specific point levels. However, I wanted a new version that didn’t require much up front thinking or preparation. Also, I figured the new rules should follow the original game play as much as possible so that couples could switch to the erotic version quickly.

Since the game design would provide blog and marketing content, I also wanted to tie in the Frisky Foreplay ideas lists as an option for couples who had or wanted to buy the game. And of course, once the Dirty Boggle blog post was completed, a YouTube video to promote it was next on the list.

Try coming up with your own erotic twist for Boggle and then take a look at the video below.

Here is the script for the video:

In this video, you’ll discover a way to transform Boggle into a wild sex game for couples. This hot word game will have you thinking, talking and playing dirty to win. It combines erotic talk, stripping and lots of creative foreplay. All you need is a Boggle game and a dirty mind to start a night of naughty fun. You’ll arouse both your mind and body.

Start by agreeing on the sexual forfeits you’ll be playing for. This will help build erotic tension during the game.

Your objective is to find exciting words to express love, desire and lust for your partner. At the end of each round, earn bonus points by using one of your words in a sexual context. Ah … but you don’t just talk dirty, you need to play dirty too. When you find the right words, act out your sensual ideas together as foreplay. And they don’t have to all be dirty words either. You just need to use them in a dirty way.

Here are the sexy new rules in a bit more detail.

  • First player to 120 points wins. Score the same as in the standard rules but include bonus points for performing various erotic activities.
  • Secretly write down all words you find even regular words. You can score for both and, when it comes right down to it, you’ll be surprised how they can be used in a dirty way. Exclude all words that you both found in your individual lists.
  • All dirty words are allowed even if they are rude, crude and nasty. Slang terms for body parts, erogenous zones and sexual activities are acceptable.
  • When either of you score with a word that can be used in a sensual or sexual context, gain double points by using it in a descriptive, verbal request of your lover. They then need to perform it with or for you immediately. Only one request per player per turn.
  • If you can’t think of a foreplay idea using one of your words, your partner has the option to “steal” a word from your list. If they come up with a sexy activity for you to perform, you lose the points for that word. They don’t get extra points though – just more pleasure.
  • You can decline any activity if you’re not ready for it yet but your partner gets an extra 5 bonus points.

Note that only interesting words should be used to express sexually creative desires. Avoid using words that have no special meaning or that can be used in almost any sentence. Also, try to talk as seductively as you can while being very detailed and specific with your erotic desires. Instead of “do something to my toes”, try “remove your nylons and let me sensually lick and suck each of your toes”. You get to include a stripping action and foreplay in the same turn.

I hope you enjoy Thinking, Talking and Playing Dirty together with the one you love.

Visit FriskyForeplay.com/dirtyboggle for more details and optional rules to make the game even hotter.

Please leave a comment and subscribe for more bedroom game ideas.

Images for the video were taken with a Canon EOS 60D camera and edited in Pixelmator. The voice over was done using Audacity. The video presentation was done in Keynote and then edited in iMovie.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the game design and the video.

Suck! Vampire Themed Adult Board Game Ready to Play

UPDATE: An enhanced version of this erotic game for couples called Suck! Me is now available for iPad. The foreplay game design was updated and reimplemented using Swift. For more details, see the Sexy Vampire Game Overview. Download it today and give yourselves even more reason to lick and suck on each other.

After creating the PNG images for the initial set of hunter and vampire oriented foreplay cards for Suck!, I was finally able to play test the adult board game design on the iPad. I am very happy with the basic play of the game. The mix of the movement and foreplay dice seem to work well together. Also, the chase aspect of the game does seem to add a bit of excitement and extra fun. However, during play testing it became obvious that the female player had a distinct advantage and won almost every time. Apparently I gave the vampiress a fairly significant bias for increasing her skill level in both the vampire and hunter categories.

Even though I tend to favour women, the foreplay activity cards had to be modified to make the game play more balanced. Gaining blood droplets corresponding to each skill category also needed to be balanced. I went through all the cards again and modified the text for some so they were not specifically favouring the female player. I also added a few additional cards with a male bias to mirror female cards I wanted to keep as is. Although it’s not perfect, subsequent play testing seemed to indicate it was much more balanced. (Note that due to the nature of the board game and time frame involved to make it available for download, full play testing that involved couples engaging in the various foreplay activities was not feasible. Most of the play testing was simulated so skill points were rewarded without the erotic challenges being performed.)

Suck! the vampire sex game for couples is ready to play.

Unfortunately the EveryGame app had to remove support for loading in your own games so I am removing the links to download the files. Suck! Me is now available for iPad.

A Physical Version of Suck!

Lately I have been creating adult board game designs to work with the EveryGame app for the iPad. It’s great for relatively rapid prototyping and saves paper and printer ink. But the main benefit for sex games is that you can play it in bed and perform the foreplay activities without messing up the board. Just turn it off, turn each other on and start it back up right where you left off.

However, not everyone has an iPad to play with. So, I have been thinking of how to play Suck! using a physical board game. The Suck! zip file contains all the images that you need. You could them print out to play. Here is a PDF version of the board design which should produce a clearer print: SuckVampireBoard.pdf . It does have a lot of black so it might be cheaper to bring the image to a photography print kiosk and get it done. You may want to get it laminated or placed in a plastic protector too.

The card images could be arranged in a word processor to print 10 per page. You could align them to a business card template and use business card stock if desired. Or, print them on thicker paper and cut them out. For my prototypes, I laminate sheets of cards and cut them out so they’re tougher and smoother to support shuffling.

The foreplay and dice mechanism is a little trickier since it effectively uses 30 something sided dice. For this, I recommend using three regular 6 sided dice two the same colour and one different. You will also want a set of foreplay dice. Roll all three dice. If single different die is even, roll the foreplay dice and perform the action without moving. If the die is a 1, you can either move 1 or add 1 to the other two dice. Otherwise you move based on the numbers on the two same coloured dice. If you have a 12 sided die, you could use it and a regular die to determine when to perform a foreplay vs movement action.

I hope you enjoy this vampire themed sex board game for couples. Please check out some of my other foreplay game designs:

Frisky Business – erotic make your own opoly variation
Frisky Foreplay – a sexy dice game to fool around with
Going Down Getting Off – a naughty version of snakes & ladders

Also, please leave a comment if you like Suck! or have any suggestions to improve it.

Suck! Adult Board Game Design Updates

The adult board game design I’ve been working on called Suck! is coming together. After getting the EveryGame XML configuration files setup and some auxiliary images constructed for the dice, tokens and cards, I loaded it up on the iPad for the first time last week. It looked pretty good. But there was one small detail that needed to be fixed up. The fangs and heart symbol for the male player’s level meter was obscured by the History and Options menu tabs for the game. Although it seemed to require just a slight shift of the graphics objects, it made the blood chain sequences too close to each other. The circles were already a little small to shrink down further so I needed some other design element to tie them together.

I started with a horizontal bar that the rings could be bolted onto reminiscent of a dungeon restraint. After looking at it a bit, I came up with the idea to add a vertical beam in the form of a cross to balance it aesthetically. Somewhat symbolically, the blood would then start from the cross and drip down to either the fangs or the heart. This actually made more sense in a way.

Although relatively small, this design modification required a slight terminology change for the activity cards. Increasing and decreasing skill points by convention go up and down respectively. But, if the blood droplets are added to the chain starting from the cross downward like a dripping stream, then the terminology could be rephrased to add and remove. In this way there is no directional association. As you can see, even small changes can have ripple effects to other design components.

Here is the updated board design with the cross.

I have completed the movement and foreplay images for the dice mechanism. And, just last night, I completed a set of Hunter and Vampire activities to make up the foreplay cards. (HunterCardIdeas.pdf and VampireCardIdeas.pdf) I still need to enter the text onto the card images. The content may require some modifications to fit the available space.

I also created a first draft of the rules for this vampire themed adult board game design: Suck_rules.pdf

UPDATE: An enhanced version of this erotic game for couples called Suck! Me is now available for iPad. The foreplay game design was updated and reimplemented using Swift. For more details, see the Sexy Vampire Game Overview. Download it today and give yourselves even more reason to lick and suck on each other.

As always, topic related comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Strip Tease Adult Board Game Design for EveryGame iPad App

My earlier post discussed some ideas for an adult board game design based on an erotic variation of Sorry!. Well, I finally finished creating a working version. In this post, I’ll discuss a few of the design decisions I opted to included in my prototype. The title Strip Tease! just seemed appropriate so that’s what stuck. Some of the rules and game mechanics were adapted to suit the title as well. (See below to download it for free and try it out)

Although I don’t consider myself a professional graphic artist, I did manage to whip up a design for the game board in Adobe Illustrator. You could have started with just an image editor to save some conversion steps. However, I think using a vector based graphics package to start is best since you have full control over the positioning the objects in pixel coordinates. Some of the fancier graphics may only be possible using an image editor but they should be doable after the primary graphics objects are designed.

The image below was exported from Illustrator into JPG then edited using Pixelmator and exported into the PNG format required by EveryGame. Note that the image looks significantly better if you export to JPG with anti aliasing on rather than exporting to TIFF first. I am sure newer versions of Illustrator can export directly to PNG format but I am still using version 10 for now.

Board Design

As you can see from the image, it is designed for only two players – reducing it from four made room for some other game elements. I opted to have players start on a Sofa presumably in separate rooms. Players need to get off the sofa and race clockwise around the board toward a single, central and common destination represented by a Bed. The Hot Zone is the “safe” area that leads to the Bed.

The board is oriented with a His (red) and Her (magenta) side – gender is denoted only by the title of the Foreplay Cards so it could easily be adapted for other sexual orientations. Pink/Blue for girl/boy seemed a bit lame and I personally like the red and magenta colours. The slider arrows only have three colours with blue representing the neutral ones that both players slide on. Recall that you don’t slide on arrows of your own colour.

For movement, instead of cards, I chose to use a dice rolling mechanism. One die indicates an action type and the other displays a number from 1-12. There are also Tease Dice for each side that are used when certain events occur. They work similar to erotic sex or foreplay dice. For my first version, I decided to use words on the dice like Kiss and Neck rather than using more complex images (actual pictures could be used). These dice were implemented following the example in the Backgammon game.

The Question marks and Heart symbols on the board are intended to add a little extra spice to the game play. When a player lands on a Heart, they tap their Foreplay Card deck to reveal an activity to perform. These cards are intended to be gender specific but could be redesigned for other purposes. They can be purely foreplay related activities or include questions or challenges with game play rewards. They can be designed such that if you land on it, your partner performs the activity for your pleasure or you perform an action for their pleasure.

The Question mark symbol is intended to be a player choice. They can make up their own foreplay activity, take a drink, select either His/Her foreplay cards or roll the Tease Dice. Other types of symbols or more of these two could be added if further play testing indicates there is not enough foreplay going on. There is a tricky balance between having too many activities vs too much game play. I do want the players to actually play a game with a bit of strategic challenge rather than just circling around a board and performing activities in a regular, semi-random sequence.

My wife wanted me to make the sofa and bed look more realistic but I figured a more abstract approach was a good first attempt. I tried to keep the board design fairly clean and aesthetically balanced while adding some colour and a few foreplay mechanisms. You’ll note that I left out instructions like “Tap to Roll Dice” to reduce clutter a bit. The game is intended for adults – they should be able to recall the basic mechanics. The labels I did include are oriented to be read by the player on the side of the board that needs to read them. The foreplay card and tease dice images are also oriented appropriately. This does require that the female version of the images be rotated 180 degrees – which I do after editing in the text. Although the tease dice are intended to be gender specific and thus separate, the action dice are the same for both players. Instead of duplicating the action dice, a single instance is used but the images are rotated 90 degrees.

Game Play Mechanics

The game is intended to play very similar to the original but with a few extras added in to make it more of a grown up game (even without the foreplay content). The action dice mechanism allows more combinations than could be done with a fixed set of cards. By using a variety of symbols, it enables more sophisticated movement options or restrictions to be incorporated. The set I included has 16 different action types but this could easily be modified to radically alter the game in various ways.

The heart and question mark symbols placed on the board combine with the action dice variety to provide even more strategic game play. In certain situations, players may arrange their moves to obtain pleasure rather than attempting to just “win”. Other types of symbols and corresponding activities could be added in to increase the variety of play even more. These extra choices would complicate the game for kids but make it more challenging and interesting for adults.

During initial play testing there was one thing that concerned me regarding the a dice mechanism. Although I have not done exhaustive testing to prove anything yet, there appeared to be too many duplicate values showing up in successive rolls. This may be an issue with how I coded the XML or something deeper in the randomizer. It may just be my imagination or preconceived expectation of how I wanted it to work.

One other thing that might need tweaking is the frequency distribution that certain action symbols should show up relative to others. If you take a look at the StripTease_game.xml file, the line:

<single_tap action=”random_side” args=”v2,0_1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_10_11_12_13_14_15_2_0_0_2,actiondice1″>

could be modified to include image index values multiple times. In this particular example, the forward and backward symbols (0,2) are both included two extra times so they should have a higher chance of showing up. I was also thinking of mixing up the order of the index values although this shouldn’t have any effect if the randomizer is working properly.

Foreplay Game Elements

The game incorporates a variety of foreplay opportunities:

  • When you bump a player, tap the tease dice and creatively pleasure your lover based on the two words shown.
  • When you land on a Heart, roll a Heart symbol, or your lover gets a token in Bed, tap your foreplay cards and perform the action specified.
  • When you land on or roll a Question mark, take a drink, roll the tease dice, pick a foreplay card or make up your own activity.
  • When you get a token in Bed, strip an article of clothing (or have your lover remove it for you).
  • When you roll a pair of lips, kiss each other passionately.
  • More icons or symbols could be placed on the board or included in the action dice to represent other types of special foreplay activities. For instance, a dildo image could indicate that you need to creatively use a sex toy to stimulate your partner. Or maybe a hand for a massage.

The foreplay cards are split into two coloured sections for an intimate and a more passionate activity. More intense activities are to be performed when the players are likely to be semi-naked and closer to the end of the game. I have included 20 His and 20 Her foreplay cards each with two activities to get started.

Get The Adult Board Game

Check out the rules: Strip Tease! Rules or download the full game and upload it onto your iPad.

Right Click on the Link and Choose Save As to download the .EGE file and install on your iPad:

Strip Tease! Adult Board Game Design (EGE file)
Strip Tease! Adult Board Game Design (ZIP file)

Remember that you do need the EveryGame app to run it. If the ege file doesn’t work, try the zip instead – they are the same file just renamed.

I hope you enjoy playing Strip Tease! This is my first adult board game design for the EveryGame app on the iPad. It still needs a lot more play testing and most likely a bit of fine tuning. Please leave a comment with any recommendations you have for improving the game play. His and Her foreplay card suggestions are welcome too. Be sure to visit again for updates and more adult games for couples.

Adult Board Game Design Based on Sorry!

As mentioned in my previous post, there is a Sorry! clone called My Apologies available with the EveryGame app for the iPad. My thought for a fun initial adult board game design was to adapt my foreplay variation of the classic game to run with the app. The erotic version Sexy Sorry was based on couples playing with the standard board and applying only slight rule modifications to make it into a sex game. It had to use the original components with no modifications. But these limitations can be eliminated using the iPad app:

  • you can create a large variety of cards with intimate activities included if desired
  • you can add extra sets of cards with detailed foreplay ideas or sexy challenges
  • you can spice up the board with extra graphics on the cards, cells or background
  • you can create a new board layout that is more suited to couples play
  • you can add creative new game components/mechanics to enhance it even more

Let’s investigate a few design options and ideas for a new foreplay game. For the following discussion, I will assume you already know the rules and general game play elements of the classic game.

Subsequent posts will provide more implementation details and sample files once the design is worked out.

Theme Concept

The basic game is designed around a race to the finish objective while attempting to stop or send your opponent back. In a romantic sexual context, finishing fast is usually frowned upon unless you’re having a quickie. And stopping your partner is even worse. But, consider the fact that delaying orgasm while building erotic tension can lead to an even more intense climax. In this context, it would be “okay” to delay your partner. It would be even better if you included something to stimulate their desire and increase their arousal. This is where the various foreplay type activities would come into play.

Also, most couples usually have sex in bed so this would be a natural destination point in the game. To fit with the theme, rather than just getting Home, the players would actually race to get in Bed first. Since this is for couples, you don’t want them going off to their own separate beds either. A slight redesign could have a central bed with both player’s goal path leading to it – from opposite sides of course. “Honey, Come to Bed Quick but Don’t Come Quick” seems like a good basis for a theme.

Foreplay Game Elements

Since we are looking to design an adult board game, we want to include various foreplay activities geared around and supporting the theme. I still like the original idea from the sexy suggestions version:

When you Bump into your lover and send them back to the start, saying Sorry just isn’t enough – apologize with sensual pleasuring.

But there is a little bit of a problem with this. As more of the tokens get to the finish, there are less bumping opportunities at a time when you would expect there should be more pleasuring going on. The end game could become less exciting from an sexual arousal perspective. Here are a few possible solutions:

  • when a player gets a token in bed, they strip off an article of clothing. Most people tend to have about 4 basic items of clothing on so this would fit since there are 4 tokens. And when you get all your tokens in, strip completely naked. This also fits the theme in that players would be stripping to have sex in bed. Stripping is also considered an erotic stimulus – both viewing and doing.
  • include a number of special locations designated with an icon that indicates players are to take a drink, perform a foreplay activity, accept a sexual challenge or answer a question when they land on them. Extra sets of cards could be included in addition to the movement deck to provide random activities. Even if bumping does not occur, there is still a chance of landing on these locations.
  • use the number of tokens in bed to indicate the level of foreplay possibly selected from different decks of cards. There is a maximum of 6 levels (both players have 3 tokens in bed) so 3/6 decks of cards might be needed with at least 10 or more items each. Alternatively, rather than creating huge sets of card images, various foreplay activity sheets in PDF could be used with each successive page/file containing more intense or explicit types of activities. A random method of selecting from within each sheet would be required but it should be the same for each level. Note: Coincidentally, the dice based Frisky Foreplay game comes with 6 levels of foreplay each with 36 unique ideas for both men and women. The activity sheets from this game could be used directly but would require that a red/black dice rolling mechanism be included. Since I want to provide this as a free game download, I will not put in a reference to this product initially.

There should also be some form of sex oriented reward for winning the game. This could be specified by the players at the start or provided in idea cards selected throughout the game.

Board Design & Layout

If you take a look at the My Apologies game on EveryGame, you’ll notice there is very little screen real-estate to add extra decks of cards. To make room for more, the movement cards could be replaced with two dice. One with numbers 1-12 and an icon for special moves. The other die would have various symbols corresponding to forward, backward, split, switch, etc. You could even add options not in the classic game. For instance, a symbol could mean kiss each other instead of moving.

Even if the movement cards are retained, the redesign of the board for just two players might make room for one or two decks of foreplay/sexplay cards. Possibly a male and female version so that the foreplay activities don’t need to be overly generalized into gender neutral descriptions. The cards could also be easily swapped out for lesbian and gay versions too.

Game Terminology

Rather than men or pieces, it would be preferable to incorporate the theme around the tokens too. For instance, they could represent head, body, arms and legs. Or, they could represent the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual components of our personality that make us all unique as lovers.

Also, the term Bump somewhat fits with the theme but it could be renamed Tease even though players are tempting each other WITH the intention of satisfying the desire. (not a strict usage according to the definition of being a tease)

Closing Thoughts

Since there is stripping and teasing as main elements of the game play and theme, Strip & Tease might be a good name for this adult board game design. Come to Bed Quick could be a sub title. Now to create some design files for the game and flush out some of the ideas. This will be a good opportunity to test out the features of EveryGame and figure out the implementation details.

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